Beauty Bistro’s Baby Foot Easy Pack Review

Hi everyone, i am finally back from my Japan Trip 2012 … i am really loving the wide selection of all kinds of cosmetics and skincare products… and one of it that i saw in Japan is Beauty Bistro’s Baby Foot Easy Pack.

In fact i am so glad that i am able to get this in singapore! Thanks beauty bistro for sponsoring me a pack to try 🙂

Yes! it is made in Japan… recommand to use every 3-4 months… i pretty like how it is when i wear the easy packs for 2 hours, juz felt that before i start this treatment. The best is to on a dvd and have it on… 2 hours movie for this treatment. There after, about 1 week i can see my skin peeling… during this process.. i am kinda worried about the skin peel naturally process at first. however i am so glad there after it is soft and smooth and can last for 3 months.

Winner of the Best Treatment for your Sole in the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2012, the Baby Foot Easy Pack gives your feet a gentle yet thorough exfoliation that will leave your feet soft and baby smooth.

As the skin on the sole is thicker than other areas of the body, dead skin cells can easily accumulate because of the load placed on the soles due to pressure of weight, friction or exercise. The principal ingredient of Baby Foot is Citric Acid, which is an organic acid used since ancient times. It penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works on the desmosomes between the skin layers, enabling easier peeling. The dead skin peels off naturally due to a natural skin turnover cycle and friction, which occurs daily. In addition, Baby Foot contains 13 types of natural extracts with high moisturizing power. The foot is reborn, just like a baby’s, after peeling. Baby Foot is a total foot care product, not only for peeling, but also for maintaining healthy feet.

Baby Foot Easy Pack is the 3rd generation of the original Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Kit. It is easier to use and more effective. Made with a new citrus gel formulation, Baby Foot Easy Pack works like a foot mask.

Simply wear the 3D plastic boots provided for 2 hours, and wash your feet after. (Each pair in the foot pack is only for one-time use.)

Yes a must try !

BABY FOOT® Easy Pack – S$29.90
BABY FOOT® Easy Pack L – S$34.90

(Retailing at: Watsons, SASA, John Little, BHG, OG,


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