L’Oreal Lucent Magique BB – 1st skin transforming BB Cream

BB Cream is so popular nowadays that it is a daily makeup cream, the problem that arise is that it will contribute to dull skin eventually and we all love our skin to be glowing. it’s now possible with Loreal Lucent magique BB Cream.

The latest luxurious features and innovative BB Cream capsule technology that generate from milky to a pearl glowing skin tone.

The milky white texture evolve to a skin-tone matching coverage , specific for asian skin.  And yes it is only available in 1 shade. however it is tailored-made just for you.

Intutive BB Capsules

Exclusive BB Capsules encapsulate a blend of skin-perfecting pigments that activates upon application to diffuse does of magic on your skin. it transforms right before your very eyes instantly.

And finally, to summarise al the goodness of L’Oreal Lucent Magique BB  aand why you should try it.

Feel it, Blend on your skin! Because you are worth it! 🙂

Thanks L’Oreal for this GREAT opportunity! 🙂


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