The Famous Kitchen – My Extraordinary Chinese Cuisine that you will come back for more

If you mention The Famous Kitchen, you might relate them at changi if you used to dine there before . Today, they are located at  Hong Heng Mansions #01-01, 54 Sembawang Road, 779085. Parking is FREE there. 🙂

In short, what would i say about them at street directory :

“A chinese cuisine that deserve you and your family to travel to find it and dine there. My favourite is The Lobster meefen is Very tasty and refreshing. The soup was absorbed by the meefen and the lobster meat is juicy and yummy. The serving is generous” 🙂 My review at streetdirectory

if you know me in person, you will know that fitness and working out and maintaining a trim and slim figure is super important for me. So i am pretty selective in my choice of food… however i am always being tempted by my love for SEAFOOD 🙂 ! Especially Crab, lobster, prawns, and any seafood u name me 🙂

Today i am going to share with you my adverture with this Extraordinary Chinese Cuisine that you will make you come back for more at The Famous Kitchen

For a family like 10 in a table… here is my recommanded portion for a 10 course  + 1 desserts meal… recommanded like a birthday celebration or a family gathering 🙂

Here the 1st deal that i gonna recommand is Crispy Pumpkin Chicken with cuttlefish

Coconut Curry Spiced Prawns, a mixed of east and west cooking techniques… 1…2…3… and more… do not disturb when i am loving my prawns hahahaha 🙂

Shrimp Paste KangKong , sweet shrimp paste sauce make it so nice and sweet!

Sour Vegetable Steamed Fish…fish! meow… meow… i would love to have steam rice to go with this dish… the vege. is slightly salty thus the mixed with rice will be the best pairing 🙂 the fish is juz nice cooked.. the meat is tender and juicy 🙂

Plum Sauce Spare Ribs – it is crispy and nice 🙂 the sauce and the meat is well done 🙂 love it ! a must try! porky smell or what? no! it is like ba gua snacks type of meat. 🙂

Kampong Chicken , special taste, v unique and specially dedicated to steam chicken rice lover. you must try this traditional taste. the chilli boost the taste to a 101% yummilicious!

Lobster Beehoon, juicy and unexpected, the taste of the meefen was super yummy and the  juicy sweet of the lobster burst.

So beautiful and juicy the lobster looks!

My favourite dish! The meat is so juicy , tender, bounce between my teeth, dance with my tongue and the meefen juz gently breaks in every bite… YES! thats how real it is 🙂

KL Fujian Mee… i tried this before at KL and felt this is not far from that , so who said good food have to travel to KL ? trust the distance to sembawang is more convenient! A unique noodles not to be missed! Not EVERywhere has this!

Black Pepper Crab…the pepper sauce is unique. the crab meat is just cooked. not too hard.. juz nice! nothing can stop me to have one more.. 🙂

Salted Baked Flower Crab a very unique dish that you will not forget! i only forget how many serving i had…. hahahahaaa 🙂 toooooo nice! And pls lick the shell…. lick and eat the meat… sooo good! 🙂

Deserts – Ice Jelly …refreshing! slight sour… very appetizing


Mango Pudding – soft yet bouncy… with a  little milk… sedap!

Yam Paste – matt and velvety smooth… this is a teo chew dish …or ni…  i remember when my grandpa is around he will want to eat this… too bad i havent have a chance to bring him to try this. why it is fantastic? it is not as sinful as u think . it is not oily… really surprised that it is not as oily but it is tasty!  this proof that doesnt mean that unhealthy food taste the best! 🙂

Where to find them : Hong Heng Mansions #01-01, 54 Sembawang Road, 779085 (FREE Parking and valet services)

Before we go… lets have a group pix… and yes! our pix going to be on the wall!

We are all VIP members and will be entitled to wonderful discount!

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