4 steps to achieve beautiful healthy hair with Aveda Products!

We hope you enjoy using Aveda products as i have earlier introduced AVEDA Suncare protective veil(CLICK HERE).  The bottles are made of recycled materials, ingredients are botanical-based and efficacy is fantastic! Nature works!

Before i start, lets take a look at your current hair . Are you having frizzy hair, split ends, dry hair or even worst entangled hair like i do ? Yes, my hair was treated with lots of different hair products, hair color, perm and many variations coz i love different style looks and sad to say… my hair is really very STRESSED now.

If you are like me, your bathroom is filled with shampoos probably from drugstore in singapore, conditioners, hair moisturizes and styling products. Maybe it’s time for a natural alternative. Give your hair a break from harsh chemicals, waxy build-up and synthetic perfumes. Create a few easy natural home treatments to make your hair beautiful and healthy.

Let me shared with you 4 steps to achieve beautiful healthy hair with Aveda Products! 

Step 1 :
Starting with Aveda damage remedy shampoo for my damaged and stressed hair .Aveda shampoo bring life and a brilliant shine to dull hair . The shampoo smells like it is make of natural plants extracts and it is v gentle on my scalp. 🙂 It does not feel itchy after use . i like the handy packaging that allows me to bring it anywhere, even if i am travelling, it is a great carry size 🙂

Yes, long hair need special care and a good shampoo to make it soft and flowy again. 🙂

Step 2 : Damage Remedy Conditioner
Unlike other conditioner. Aveda Damage Remedy conditioner smooth the hair and yet is easy to rinse off. My  hair felt smooth after use, not stressed with heavy chemicals. 🙂  Also, i have a sensitive scalp due to heavy coloring etc. Aveda damage control chemical does not make my scalp itch 🙂 it is gentle 🙂

Step 3 : Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair
The texture of this Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is light weight. I like that it is absorbed into the hair pretty fast after gentle massage. i used it when my hair is semi dry. There after blow the hair dry. hmm… overall, it does not cause any itch around the neck and helps smooth the hair. suitable for everyone even those who are afraid hair product will affect the skin around the neck.

Recommanded to all my readers here!  🙂 Now i use it everyday as it helps to relax my stressed hair 🙂 making it smooth and flowy 🙂 my hair improved so much after using this product!

Step 4 : AVEDA Sun Care Protection Hair Veil

Many styling aids, leave in conditioners, and hair sprays have an SPF right in them! While I’ve heard varying options on how high the SPF should be for your hair, AVEDA have a healthy UV filters enough to help protect the hair :)

I always like hair sprays UV protection as it is very handy and easy to use. All u need to do is spray on dry or damp hair. Reapply after swimming or probably before heading out again for lunch.

AVEDA Sun Care Protection Hair Veil also set the hair and i felt my hair not only feel soft but also well moisturised

Aveda – The art and science of pure flower and plant essences

Available in Aveda Experience Centre and selected  Aveda salons and spas in singapore 🙂 i like to go particularly to Marina bays sands urban to get their product, Katong 112 and Takashimaya 🙂 

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