Palmer’s Facial Line, 4 New Products – Suitable for all skin types

Hi Everyone,
i am so glad to share with you Palmer facial line something that caught my eye at Watsons. It is suitable for all skin types  even senstive skin. Very affordable .

As you know, my PALMER is a very established brand in U.S.A and i love their body range which is really very unique and moisturising. And now , the Palmer’s facial line.

Why do i like Palmer’s Facial Line?
As you know i have been going for Hot yoga classes and my skin can be redness or irritated after hot stretching in a session of 42 degree . So to maintain the beautiful and flawless skin. i will need a good cleanser that can helps to cleanse my skin thoroughly before and after class. Also a calming lotion that can be used before and after class.

Palmer facial have the exact product just for me . Also good for people who has skin irritaion, acne, sensitive skin that needs to reduce redness , calm stressed skin and irritation.

My review on using Palmer Daily Cleansing Gel

This  foaming gel lifts away dirt oil and makeup without leaving delicate facial skin feeling dry , tight , or stripped. Even when the skin is naked , it feels soft and fresh after wash. i love the beneficial ingredients they have on the skin …it includes cocoa & shea butters that deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant for good skin. Citric Acid that brightens the complexion , milk proteins that helps to improve skin’s texture and tone. And evening primrose oil to soothes stressed skin 🙂

My review on using Palmer Daily Facial Calming Lotion

This light, fast-absorbing lotion is specifically designed for sensitive skin or redness prone skin. A special blend of ingredients reduces the appearance of redness, calms and soothes sensitive skin , and leaves skin lightly  hydrated. The addition of patented MLE technolody aids in restoring skin’s own protective moisture barrier.

My skin does not feel oily after using, my skin feel soft and smooth 🙂 LOVE it!!!! .

My review on using Palmer Purifying Mask
It is suitable for all skin types ,kaolin clay gentles dries on the surface of the skin and to deep clean and draw out impurities . Cocoa Butter and shea butter impact light hydration, while Aloe Vera , Chamomile and milk proteins soothe stressed skin. i felt that clay mask from palmer are gentle and it makes the skin soft after using it 🙂 i felt that my skin look instantly brighten and clean 🙂

Love how my skin looks after using Palmer Facial Line 🙂


Palmer, celebrated as one of the world’s leading names in skincare thanks to its natural ingredients, long-time favourite Palmer’s rolls out its latest addition of the Cocoa Butter Formula Facial Line Extension. Adding on to their existing facial line are 4 new products – the Purifying Mask, Rejuvenating Facial Serum, Daily Facial Calming Lotion and Daily Cleansing Gel.

Known for their promise and commitment to producing quality products, Palmer’s has been serving women all around the world for more than 170 years. Its effective moisturising qualities and affordable prices have made the brand a strong favourite among many. Taking on the same key natural ingredients used for the world-renowned body range, these products have been created to deliver efficacy and luxury for the face.

Fronting the line of Palmer’s facial care range is Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Giaan Rooney. Her memorable smile, natural beauty and ability to communicate and engage make her the ideal modern day beauty queen that all women can relate to.

Once an Olympic gold medalist and now a high profile media personality, Giaan is known for her classic beauty and amazing skin. A natural choice for Palmer’s, Giaan has always trusted the brand and is long-time user of Palmer’s as she proudly proclaims, “I’ve always loved Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, now my face does too.”

The new Facial Care Line Extension boosts 100% Natural Cocoa Butter together with a blend of natural Shea Butter and Vitamin E so your skin is smoother, softer and more radiant. Made from skin- loving ingredients, the lightweight and natural Facial Care products cleanses, revives and rejuvenates gently and is suitable for all skin types.

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I am proud to say… i am looking after my skin naturally 🙂

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