Beauty Tips : Yamamoto Farm – Konjac Beauty Sponge

Hi everyone, today i am going to introduce a beauty tips which is unique. you know, having beautiful skin always start from the very first step, that is to cleanse your skin thoroughly to allow all the very good serum or beauty products to be absorbed.

And today i am sharing this wonderful product that i got from AFC Japan (CLICK HERE ) 

Konjac Beauty Sponge (Sakura Leaf Essence)

Konjac Sponge with Sakura Leaf Essence & French Pink Clay – Suitable for hypersensitive, dehydrated skin, tired, mature skin, inflamed & sun-damaged skin

Made from 100% natural konjac, Yamamoto Konjac Beauty Sponge channels the natural beautifying power of konjac to your skin with every facial wash. Loved by millions of Japanese, this excellent beauty aid is also available in an enhanced variant enriched with Sakura Leaf Extract and French Pink Clay.

Konjac Sponge with Sakura Leaf Extract is specially handcrafted to benefit hypersensitive, dehydrated, mature, and sun-damaged skin. It soothes, hydrates, and revives skin to give you the rosy, radiant glow naturally. 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals, your skin beams with radiance glow each time after cleansing. 🙂

Unique Yamamoto Konjac Sponge

  • The spongy nature of konjac is due to its natural glucomannan fibers. Yamamoto konjac fibers cleanse and retain skin moisture while normalising skin’s natural pH. It cleanses effectively yet soft and gentle to be used daily even on baby’s most delicate skin daily
  • Without synthetic fibers and additives or colourants, Yamamoto konjac sponge is all natural without harsh abrasives

Skin‘s Natural Exfoliant

  • Konjac unique porous structure works like micro-massager to rid excess sebum, stubborn dead skin thoroughly. With better exfoliation, the skin rediscovers its luminosity and softness instantly
  • It promotes skin’s micro-circulation for a natural, healthy glow
  • No burden and non-irritating to skin, it is suitable even for sensitive skin and is best used daily

Natural Protection for Stronger Skin

  • Konjac sponge is naturally alkalising property to dissolve acidic waste that causes dullness, aging and dry skin
  • It hydrates skin and builds skin’s natural protective barrier for resilient skin


  • 100% bio-degradable, konjac sponge is made from plant fiber that disintegrates completely over time
  • Without harmful chemicals, preservatives, it enhances effectiveness of regular cleansing and beauty regime
  • It cleanses so well that you can use it on its own without cleanser or smaller amount of cleanser if preferred

Experience the skin-revitalizing wonders from Sakura Leaf Extract, French Pink Clay and Konjac Sponge

My Experience using Konjac Beauty Sponge (Sakura leaf Essence & French pink clay
For the very 1st time i am using this, i was pretty excited and wonder what miracle it can do to my skin. Starting of with soaking the dry sponge in water until fully softened.

I am using this sponge by itself . when it is softened and wet, i massage it on my face , pretty gentle on my skin and it feels like the sponge is elimating impurities on my skin and removing excess sebum and black heads 🙂 It thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliates my skin making it hydrates and soft.

what i like is when i use a sponge it feels like i have the control of massage it, promotes blood circulation and giving my face a good gentle massage. Thumbs up to that 🙂

Blood circulation is really important to have good and beautiful skin… effort really comes from YOU… let me shared a little bit more on having good blood circulations.

Good blood and lymph circulations:

  • Ensure nutrients are channeled to skin tissues to replenish collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to hold your skin structure in place and support healing
  • Allow adequate oxygen to be supplied to skin tissues
  • Remove toxins to reduce acne formation

Without good circulation

  • Skin develops wrinkles, fine lines and discolouration
  • Skin appears pallid with dark eye circles

Highly recommended for mature, dry, hypersensitive and irritated skin. For an ultra soft, gentle feeling, and instantaneous beauty results you can see after each wash!

oh yes… a gentle reminder here to replace this sponge every month.

Beautiful and clear skin after a nice cleanse 🙂

Interested? You can shop online at AFC Japan online. Free delivery for $120 purchase … there is lots of other products in store too.
( Click HERE )

How much does it cost for this wonderful UNIQUE product ?it is only $11.87  🙂 Grab it before it is out of stock!

Also check out the other sponge , for oily & combination skin, for dehydrated and dry skin, and for all skin type ( ORIGINAL )  🙂

Coming up next… i am going to share the bad breakouts that i have due to stress, heaty and lack of sleep… and what products that saved my skin! 🙂 it took weeks to recover 🙂

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