GO60 – Everything GOes at $60 Nett

No more price uncertainty. No more unwanted package purchases. No more apprehension over what should be a most enjoyable pampering experience for you.

Most importantly, No PRESSURE!

In fact, GO60 stripped our price structure right down to a SINGLE FLAT FEE of $60 for any service.

My Experience for GO60 Hollistic Massage
It was a long day and finally i get to go for a massage to ease of all tension and stress. When i reach GO60, I  was greet with a friendly smile and a tea . The good thing about Go 60 is that everything is done in 60 mins and i choose a Swedish Hollistic Massage. Of coz you have option to choose to do a facial as well. 🙂

The room is pretty simple and small. I cant help but was kinda skeptical at 1st. Well, i guess simplicity was their theme for a GO60 minute .

So i check out what kinda of massage oil they are using. Hmm.. not bad . it is Tranquility massage oil 🙂 The masseur was nice and friendly. The service is good quality. I must say, it is not done in a rush . It is done with professionalism and i feel like coming back again after my massage and i did buy another massage straight. i feel GREAT when my tension over my shoulder and body is at ease. 🙂 Feel relax, lighter and craving to go back for more 🙂

The masseur had nice even pressure for my body… though she said she did it quite hard on me…. i love that strength… 🙂 after which… i had a nice sleep and good night rest. I feel recharged the next morning 🙂 Thanks GO 60!



True beauty has nothing to hide, so come on down to our boutique at Esplanade Link and experience Singapore’s naked revolution.

For more information and updates : http://www.go60.sg or call 6338 0660 . Explanade Xchange B1-24

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