Redken Introduces New Prismatic Permanent Colour Line – Chromatics

Redken Chromatics : Breakthrough professional formula offers incredible hair fortification benefits and colour results  

Redken, the leading U.S salon fashion haircolour brand, is thrilled to launch its latest prismatic permanent colour range – Redken CHROMATICS. Featuring a full range of 4-Dimension stunning shades for unlimited colour possibilities, the CHROMATICS range uses breakthrough ODS² (Oil Delivery System) and Protein Extract Technology to fortify hair up to two times its original strength.


Ultimate in Comfort and Colours 

The CHROMATICS line promises 4-Dimension (D¹ – D4) Colour Results so you can translatethe latest runway trends naturally and vibrantly into your locks:

D¹ – Hundred percent Grey Coverage (the very first Redken Haircolour product to guarantee holistic coverage of grey hairs)

D² – Multi-Level Dye Deposit (a deeper, richer evolution of Redken’s signature  multi-dimensional colours, balancing between translucent for a natural look and denser for great coverage)

D³ –  Radiant Reflection (natural and natural warm shades have cool and warm reflects effect for glowing lustre)

D4 – Lasting Vibrancy (high colour retention and soft strengthening for high shine colour treatment)

With a full-hued palette, the CHROMATICS collection contains over 48 shades from natural, cool, warm and clear families, enabling stylists to permutate and mix endless colour tones according to their own creative inspirations and the season’s hottest looks for you!

Unlike other haircolour lines, the CHROMATICS Range contains zero ammonia, utilising low levels of an alkaline agent (MEA) replacement instead. Odour is thus eliminated for the ultimate comfortable hair-colouring experience, so both clients and stylists can push their limits for artistic expression in complete enjoyment.

Hair Fortification Redken’s Professional Technology 

The CHROMATICS Range employs Redken’s exclusive ODS² (Oil Delivery System) + Protein Extract Technology to *fortify hair up to two times its original strength while delivering colour pigments simultaneously.

A specially formulated oil base, ODS² increases the action potential of the hair-colouring system by layering hair fibres with the special oil coating. This results in the boosting of penetration of the alkaline agent (MEA), so long-lasting pigments and protein extracts are propelled inside the follicle cortex for deep absorption. Each and every strand of hair is hence fortified by up to two times* and infused with Redken’s unique multi-dimensional colour for strong, soft and vibrant tresses.

* Fortifies the cuticle for two times less breakage when using CHROMATICS Permanent Haircolour System with 20 volume Oil in Cream Developer and Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo vs. uncoloured hair treated with a non-conditioning shampoo Complete with a rich creamy consistency, the Redken CHROMATICS range will offer a luxurious hair-colouring experience like no other. To try the CHROMATICS signature multi- dimensional taste of colours and achieve amazing results, visit your nearest Redken hairstylist today!

Redken CHROMATICS is available from May onwards at all Redken hair salons.

Stay Tuned to my next post 🙂 i am going to give me hair a boost and give some color to it 🙂

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