Morilins – Organic Facial Therapy Mask – Rejuvenating and Brightening

hi everyone, you know facial mask is not juz for beauty. for me i use it to prevent breakouts. It’s always the time of the month when our face and hormones link and we wish that pimples will not hit our face…

OF course if your pocket allows, you can go for asethetics facial treatments to cure pimples. or

For me this month, i choose Morilins , an organic facial therapy mask that i do at home . Introducing Morilins Rejuvenating and Brightening. , it is easy to use at your convenience. you have to stretch the mask to fit 🙂

Take a look at the mask… it is not that thick and the facial serum is just nice. not to wet . There is  a light herbal scent 🙂 smells like  back to nature and using natural products for my skin.

i pull and stretch it 🙂 love how it is on my skin 🙂  My skin feels cool as the serum rejuvenates my skin. i take this 10 -15 mins to rest my eyes and get a little beauty rest. 🙂 Morilins does not cause any skin sensitive 🙂 Thumbs up!

You can get it at $9.90 each.

Sold at following Sasa outlets:HollandVillage, Great WorldCity, Jurong Point,Tampines One, Wisma Atria

🙂 Check it out and while stock lasts.
Morilins Mask are made in Japan 🙂

for more information :
ack to nature, make it a part of your life.

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