Garnier Masks – Customised to Better Fit Your Face’s Contours!

The love of my skin and in search of different skincare products that can range from high end to affordable range . And today i am sharing with you a handy and easy to grab and use it product from Garnier!

Facial mask are always my favourite companion when i travel, daily use or a boost up for my skin . Facial mask help my skin to feels smooth and soft. 🙂  some mask might be too wet. however i find that garnier mask are juz nice and smell refreshing 🙂 Read on to find out more 🙂

Garnier launches new Second Skin Masks with high fitting technology

Looking for an extra boost in the skincare regime to achieve brighter, healthier skin? Garnier is proud to introduce its newly launched Second Skin Mask range in two selections- Light and Aqua Defense.

Notice how thin it is feels like a second  skin. No dripping and not thick and heavy on the skin. i can even wear it and watch olympics, surf net or read a book 🙂

Designed specifically to suit Asian women’s facial features, Second Skin Mask uses innovative high fitting tissue which allows the mask to stay on all curves of the face perfectly. Suitable for all skin types, Garnier laboratories engage natural ingredients that are gentle yet potent on the skin.

Adhering to Facial Contours

Gone were the days of having to repeatedly adjust the mask while trying to enjoy the treatment. Using new weightless technology, Garnier Second Skin Mask is a thin translucent sheet that lies closely to the skin, reducing trapped air bubbles. By being in touch with every part of the face, the serum is absorbed effectively, even on hard to reach areas such as the nose bridge and the sides of the nose. Soft and smooth, micro nutrients soaked in the mask will penetrate into the skin giving the user a flawless, illuminated complexion in 10 minutes.

Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Second Skin Mask

Combining the power of three natural ingredients- Tanggula

Glacier Water, Scutellaria extract and lemon essence, Light Second Skin Mask works fast on dull skin, leaving skin supple and revitalised.

From the mountain range in the central region of Tibetan plateau, key ingredient Tanggula Glacier Water comes from refreshing, cold untouched glacier waters stocked up at peaks higher than 5000m above sea water. Rich in Natural

Moisturizing Factor, Potassium, Calcium and water are retained beneath the skin. Skin renewal is stimulated, revealing a fairer, more radiant glow.

Going straight to the root of dull skin, Scutellaria extract in Garnier Light Mask reduces melanin production. Melanin is the primary determinant of skin colour and the slowdown of its production lightens skin tone significantly. Working together in the formula, the fresh lemon essence acts as an active whitening agent which evens out my skin tone.

Aqua Defense Hydrating Glowing Essence Second Skin Mask

With the understanding that skin is constantly exposed to external aggressions, such as air-conditioning at the workplace for long hours, Aqua Defense Mask is formulated to generously nourish the skin with its key ingredients- Tanggula Glacier Water, White Tea and Green Tea Extracts. Blended with Vitamin E, these ingredients form an anti-oxidant powerful enough to protect skin from harmful effects from the environment.

My skin feels nice , smooth and feels soft 🙂 i really love it!

Available at Watsons, Guardians, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores, Garnier Light and Aqua Defense Second Skin Masks retail at a promotional price of S$2 per sheet in July.

Boxes of 5 sheets will be launched in August and are priced at S$21.90.

Hurry down to GRAB your Garnier Masks! While stocks Last 🙂 !

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