Media Invite and KORRES Wild Roses Range- Get WILD with wild Roses!

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It is a nice Friday evening with Mediacorps artists attending the launch of Korres Wild Roses Range… Can u recognise them?

Introducing a range of Korres wild Roses Range  and fans of korres wild rose range can now rejoice as the 3 new additions to the wild rose family: Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser, Wild Rose Eye Cream with spf 15 and wild rose 24hr moisturising and brightening cream.

Wild Rose oil has high vitamin c which drives significant repairing activity to fine lines and skin color disorders. Also rich in linoleic and linolenic acid ,  demonstrating the significant healing, moisturising and softening properties. It helps to improves the texture of the epidermis layers and helps in cell regeneration.

Introducing the hot seller and a thumbs up product , instant brightening effect and helps exfoliating without dehydrating the skin :

Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser, reasonably priced at $48 for 150ml.
Let me share with you why i like this cleanser… 1st of all i read that the exfoliating grains are from rice seeds and cherry stones which is gentle for the skin 🙂

Next, it contains salicylic acide that works by exerting remarkable micro-exfoliating action to remove dead skin and improve texture of the skin. Also, it contains natural blend of bilberry, sugar, orange and lemon extracts that is a rich source of alpha hydroxy acides that smoothes and conditions the skin by enhancing cell renewal , promoting skin radiance. 🙂

And look at my skin smooth and nice after using korres

BEAUTY SKIN TIP #1 – BEAUTIFUL SKIN starts from using a good exfoliating cleanser

Further to that, natural polysaccharides in combi with aloe extract protect the skin by providing instant anti-irritant and moisturising action.

Hope you have a chance to Grab this wild rose exfoliating cleanser as it is selling so fast… almost going out of stocks!

Next , introducing wild rose 24 hour moisturising and brightening cream.
pretty reasonably priced at $58 at 40ml. 🙂

Why is it worth to pay $58 for this product? 

1. Helps repair fine lines and skin color disorders.  Brightens and give radiance to the skin .
2. Contain olive oil that nourishes and moisturises the skin
3. Ensures 24h moisturising by continually regulating the cellular water equilibrium.

Finally and the most popular product : Wild Rose Eye Cream with SPF 15!

An eye cream with SPF 15? sounds really good right ?

How much is it? its $69 for 15ml.  🙂 It is definately worth to get this product because our eyes is the most important feature of our face. 🙂

Benefits of Wild Rose Eye Cream with SPF 15! 
1. brighten and smooth line around the eyes.
2. enhance radiance and luminosity and restoring the volume of the skin
3.Improves microculation , energising the skin and decreasing dark circles.
4. stimulates collagen and elastin production and enhances cellular energy and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes.

Let me share with you one of my FAVOURITE KORRES Wild Rose product that is not mention above :

Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask. 
Why do i recommand this product? 🙂  :
1. Very Reasonably priced at $22 per tube for 16 ml.
2.. Very gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin type.
3..Perfect for brightening and regenerating tired looking skin.
4. A pure white mask for a clear and radiant complexion
5.Wild Rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C, which demonstrates significant repairing activity to fine lines and skin marks.
6.A complex of herbal extracts targets skin discolorations, adding brightness and radiance to the skin.
7.An instant brightening effect is immediately visible from the first application 🙂 THUMBS UP!

Also, Instore promotion , while stocks last, Purchase $50 and free a limited edition bag from korres.

Currently Korres is available online : and you can purchase online with up to 40% discount valid till 31st october 2012

There’s an additional 2% discount for every additional product. thus , 5 products, u will enjoy a total of 10% discount. And the more you buy the more discount u will get.

This promotion scheme is limited to a maximum of 40% discount with purchase of 20 or more products.

Interested to this worldwide leading homepathic remedies to natural products for your skin? Check out Korres is available at :
1. Raffles city shopping Mall B2-16 T: 63382678
2. Korres@ Parco Millenia Walk Atrium P1-19 T: 63386251

Mind you… the products i have mention above is while stocks last… it is really running out so fast 🙂

For Updates and giveaway, like korres facebook page at

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