Introducing the Latest weight management product GLOW™ endorsed by Felicia Chin

Introducing the latest weight management product GLOW™ .

GLOW™is currently sold in Guardian Pharmacy, Watsons and Unity.
It retails at $118 for 30 servings 🙂

It is endorsed by Felicia Chin . GLOW™ is derived from Raspberry Ketones (introduced by Dr Oz in the following video)

And is the only brand in the Singapore market with this unique ingredient. The product is FDA approved since 1965 and is scientifically backed to have no known side-effects (unlike some competitor brands)

Glow™ like Felicia Chin and Discover Her Fruity Secret to Melting Inches Off Her Waistline

Juggling full-time studies and a demanding acting career, it is all the more impressive that Felicia Chin manages to remain svelte. However, of late, her demanding schedule has required her to pull all-nighters writing essays and to spend long hours filming. Her jam-packed agenda has set her back in her fitness regime. Alongside being constantly surrounded by her favorite snacks offered by well-meaning friends, maintaining her ideal weight has become increasingly difficult.

Enter Glow™, Felicia’s solution to keeping a trim figure and her weight in check. A new, all-natural weight-loss supplement that helps burn fat, curb appetite, reduce weight and give you more energy, Glow™ makes your workouts more effective. It boasts an all-in-one formula to help you naturally pills.

Packing a fruity punch in each capsule, GLOW™ boasts a clinically tested formula, chockfull of super-antioxidants, such as Acai and Resveratrol, which Felicia stresses, is vital to a person’s wellbeing.

“Antioxidants benefit our bodies in so many ways, and if GLOW™ can help me lose weight and provide an energy boost as well, I’m not going to complain!” said Felicia Chin.

The key ingredient of Glow™ is Raspberry Ketones, the enzyme responsible for the sweet aroma of red raspberries. Each capsule contains 100mg of Raspberry Ketones, equivalent to the amount found in 41kg of fresh raspberries, without all the sugar. It is this secret fruit complement that enables Felicia to balance her studying, juggling and personal commitments, by saving her time and effort.

Said Felicia Chin, the new spokesperson for Glow™, “With my erratic and taxing schedule,maintaining a trim and healthy physique has become more challenging. While I do my best to eat nutritious food and keep active, my everyday responsibilities have left me time-pressed to take care of my personal wellbeing. Now, I can maintain my weight and figure naturally, safely and effectively – all thanks to Glow™ – My daily, fruity secret to incredible weight loss!” achieve your ideal weight the healthy way, without the side effects of synthetic diet

For more information : Glow™ The Original Raspberry Ketone

A Guide to Glow™ and more product information :

GLOW™ is the only weight loss product on the market that combines the powerful fat burning effects of Raspberry Ketones with the natural slimming properties of the Wild African Mango.

Unlike other raspberry ketone products that are available on the market, GLOW™ comprises a proprietary blend of fruity ingredients that also includes Acai and green tea. The first of its kind, it results in a combined effect of multiplied weight loss.

The 100% completely natural blend ensures that there are no side effects from any chemical or synthetic ingredients. All ingredients are medically researched and clinically proven to promote weight loss.

How to use

Take two capsules of GLOW™ daily.

To complement your intake of Glow™, a healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended. As this product also increases energy levels, most choose to take it in the morning as part of their daily routine.

Glow™ is not suitable for pregnant/lactating women and children. Consult your doctor if you are on medication or under doctor’s supervision.

For now… i will be taking Glow everyday and will share it work for me … it has been a GREAT struggle for me to keep my weight low and not over-eating. keep coming back and i will share how i take Glow after 1 week 🙂 

13 thoughts on “Introducing the Latest weight management product GLOW™ endorsed by Felicia Chin

  1. Hey! So how’s it coming along? Do you experience any side effects? and if you were to take it in the morning, how early is considered fine?? 🙂

    • hi bron.
      there is no side effect. i took at bout 7am in the morning and had my breakfast. 🙂 it is pretty good so far.

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