Introducing Scalp Hair Treatment at Glitz HairWorkz for Everyone

hi everyone, today i am Introducing Scalp Hair Treatment at Glitz HairWorkz For both sexes. Yes! Looking good for our face is important but we should not neglect about our hair too.

Today i am taking my hat off and take good care of my hair… yes it is important to have good hair and Scalp Hair Treatment at Glitz HairWorkz is my choice.

It started with a fantastic drinks menu and i have chosen tea… it is really well served! i guess it is the best to enjoy tea and doing a hair treatment.

And step one to massage my scalp with Goldwell hair products and leave it to stand and treats the hair. heehee while waiting i am taking a pic of myself.

step two is to use another product and massage and leave it to stand for 8mins. 🙂 with hair massage … relaxing and hair massages are good for the hair 🙂

I really love how my hair looks and flow… i love my healthy hair

I love how they style my hair using the blow and restore my curls to neat and nice 🙂 flowy and bouncy. I love the classy sophiscated look. 🙂

Hair Tips that Kelvin Fong at Glitz HairWorkz shared : 
Home care for the hair is important as well… it is good to do hair mask once a week and to use hair product with good natural ingredients. Hope this tips will inspire you to take good care of your hair and use good hair products .

Remember to pay attention and take good care for your hair! Go for a Good Scalp Hair Treatment using good hair products from Italy. 🙂

Sharing this double Thumbs up promotions : GOOD DEALS at Orchard

They are located at Triple One Somerset Road 02-18/19/20
For  Scalp Hair Treatment, they are charging at $98
and for healthy hair treatment to soften your damage dry hair after dyeing and perming they are charging from $68 onwards depending on hair length 🙂

For more enquiries, pls call 68200789 . you can quote from gin blog and to enquiry more on scalp hair treatment or to book an appointment 🙂

Check out their website for their promotions

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