Rose Crystal Tournaline Petide Moisturizing Duo Lifting Mask

Hydrating, Radiant, Supple feel

Features and effects:
The latest “turning back time lifting” mask fits your face and neck perfectly! It fights against gravity, lifting the skin at your neck, mouth area, cheek, eye area. Rose crystal and tourmaline peptide has excellent moisturising benefits.

Rhodochrosite extract, – anti-stress ingredient which fights aging by preserving cell to release collagen and elastin fibers, soothes and relaxes skin.

How to use:
Step 1: Fit the mask onto your face
Step 2: Pull the hook at the two sides to your ear
Step 3: Pull the hook at the chin up to your ear
Step 4: You can massage your face while waiting for your mask for 15-20 minute to maximise absorption

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