Pow Sing Restaurant Food Review with Street Directory :)

Hi Everyone,
Today i am going to introduce a chinese cuisine from Pow Sing Restaurant
65 Serangoon Garden Way.
Yeah Father’s day is this sunday and wondering where to go for a feast and to thank daddy for supporting the family … YES! Bring your daddy to Pow Sing Restaurant!
Down to earth , chinese food reminds me of the zi char style food where dishes are made into delicious delicacy. At Pow Sing Restaurant, it is like eating zi char dishes where you have nice aircon and tasty bites 🙂
Let me introduce my favourite dishes and the favourites delicacy that is recommanded at Pow Sing Restaurant.
Crispy Nonya Squid – $10 – As good as it taste… this reminds me of my nonya grandma, yes the old time favourite perankan taste  🙂 Crispy and sweet with tint of spicy 🙂
Crispy Nonya Tofu – $ 8 – Crispy on the outside , tender inside 🙂 yummylicious
Cereal prawn (upon special request as it is not in the menu) – $18
yummilicious and nice prawn
Let’s take a look at the generous portion of cereal in the plate… yes! really making it smell so good and so crispy!
Spicy Kangkong with Belacan – $8  Slurp…yum yum …if you are a foreigner, you must try this 🙂 this is one local delicacy with a unique name… yea.. kang…kong… (not kingkong… juz joking 🙂 )
Curry Fish Head – $32 – Double thumbs up and i really really love it! It is really tasty. Not that spicy, the meat of the fish is juicy and tender. The curry and vegetables makes everything together and real good 🙂 Never taste such yummylicious curry fish head. And yes! i really love it!
Hainanese chicken (steamed)  – $13 (half sized) was excellent, the rice was fragrant but the chilli sauce was good to have. Love some spice in my food and some ginger 🙂  
After a spicy curry fish head and kang kong… i wanna have something that soothe my throat, this is how i love myself inside out… i will have a Gui lin Gao, with honey 🙂 so i will soothe my throat and have nice sweet voice 🙂
My overall summary of the Pow Sing Restaurant Food Review:
  • Food/Beverage: 8
  • Ambience: 7
  • Value: 7
  • Service: 7 ( the boss is very nice and friendly, allow us to ask him any questions. he also shared the history of this restaurant with us. i was skeptical after reading what hungry reviews on Pow Sing, however, i have experienced it myself and felt that it is otherwise. 🙂 The service is great and they even share with us to have a little dessert to sum up the meal. )

Good News! 🙂 i will be appearing in Street directory Magazines, home directory , a monthly magazine directory distributed to all landed property in Singapore.

i am so looking forward to share my reviews with the landed property people 🙂

Another good news to share , if you are wondering will the price be increased during father’s day or mother’s day or any occassion. the answer is no. So feel free to drop by for dinner or lunch 🙂

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