Skincode Essentials – Precise Time Keepers for your skin

The Swiss are renowned for being precise time keepers, but they are also masterfully skilled at making time stand still … and even turning back time, thanks to their expertise in the field of skincare science.

The harnessing of natural or organic materials is in vogue right now, but well-respected Skincode Switzerland goes one step further to refine ingredients. So you can be spared adverse risks, for preservatives, fragrances and even emulsifiers can cause allergies.

Skincode has three results-orientated collections: Skincode Essentials, Skincode Age Lab and Skincode Exclusive.

The collections are a combination of medical and dermatological research, as well as biological ingredients and plant extracts in their purest form, bringing state-of-the-art skincare within your reach.

Skincode Essentials & Active Ingredient

Skincode Essentials is an advanced derma-lifestyle skincare line formulated for daily skincare needs, mostly for women.

It is 100% preservative free, 100% fragrance free, 100% animal derivative free and 100% colour free.

CM-Glucan, the Medical Grade Active Ingredient found in all products of Skincode Essentials, protects the skin and stimulates Collagen and Elastin production.

Glucan preparations have been extensively studied in wound healing, inflammations and oncology.

So while your skin is plummeted by daily sun exposure, oxidative stress or free radical damage, Skincode Essentials, with CM-Glucan, may just be your answer to boosting healthy skin while enhancing cell renewal rate. 

Skincode Age Lab & Active Ingredient

Replicating the skin’s internal mechanism, Age Lab products are able to “outsmart” the ageing process by zeroing in on the heart of the problem.

Skincode Scientists have developed the unique “Layer Technology”, which mimics the inner structure of the skin. Age Lab has the highest amount of CM-Glucan to combat weakened or normal to dry skin, and when combined with a tripeptide boost, the “communication” between cells provide a constant supply of nutrients.

Skincode Exclusive & Active Ingredient

Skincode Exclusive is a luxury-orientated cellular skincare line designed to address specific needs of mature skin. The powerful anti-ageing treatments speed up the cell renewal process, which slows with age.

The key ingredient is Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation2 (ACR Complex G2), a ground-breaking development in the fight against ageing skin.

Skincode Exclusive products are formulated without parabens and with an allergen-free fragrance, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

About Skincode in Asia

Skincode AG is a Swiss-based beauty company founded in 1998 by a team of professionals with profound knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry, reinforcing Switzerland’s reputation for outstanding skincare.

Built on the principle that the skin is a living organ and its genetic “code” must be respected, the collections provide consumers with high-performance, innovative skincare products reflecting precision, purity and quality synonymous with Switzerland.

Skincode does not tag age to skin type. In other words, Skincode does not rely on “age-grouping”. E.g. She is 25, therefore her skin should look like this or that. Type of skin can be determined by many factors, including the climate in which one lives, free radical damage or UVA/UVB exposure. Of course, type of skin can be influenced by skincare and anti-ageing measures.

Comments founder Prince Niclas E.M. Massalsky, a member of a Dynastic family: “Skincode is our second skincare brand next to Swissline, and we have skincare development and international distribution that date back 30 years to where the Asian market has played a very important role.

“All key people involved in the development process have a firm understanding of Asian traditions and needs.

“We thus develop products that cater to Asian morphology and climate, including popular product segments for Whitening, Anti-pigmentation, Sebum Control and Pore-refining.”

Fact Sheet

Star Products

Skincode Essentials, with CM-Glucan; formulated for even the most sensitive skin; also for oily, normal & combination and dry skin

24h Cell Energizer Cream

In a frosted glass jar with white cap and shiny silver line, this velvety cream is perfect for sensitive and devitalised skin.

Its unique formula contains a high percentage of CM-Glucan, used for decades in the pharmaceutical world for its ability to stimulate cell renewal process and the skin’s defence mechanism. Its firming and wrinkle reducing properties make it an ideal ingredient to target skin that shows signs of premature aging.

Introductory Price: S$70 (normal price, S$87)

S.O.S Oil Control

A mattifying fluid that fits well in your handbag; this is a must-have.

Lightweight and especially designed to mattify shinny skin instantly, its formula contains botanical extract that helps regulate sebum secretion.

It is the ideal alternative to a powder-based product as it does not contain any talc. Perfect to apply throughout the day to keep skin matt and make-up in place without creating build-up, thus reducing the risk of breakout.

Apply over or under Make-up.

Introductory Price: S$63 (normal price, S$78)

S.O.S Instant Radiance

This shimmering and light textured serum is formulated to beautify skin.

Enriched with powerful antioxidants, the formula works to improve the health of your skin and repairs signs of premature aging, whilst its photo reflective components give you instant radiance.

It is the perfect partner for dull and devitalised skin.

Apply before moisturiser.

Introductory Price: S$68 (normal price, S$85)

Revitalising Eye Contour Cream

A multi-active to soothe, lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness around the delicate eye area. Your skin feels firmer and refreshed, fine lines are softened, and even “shadows” are nowhere to be seen.

Contains caffeine to detoxify and de-puff, and horse chestnut to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve micro-circulation.

Introductory Price: S$64 (normal price, S$79)

Firming Eye Zone Gel

A true “time fighter” for the delicate eye area, this light gel moisturises and energises with an immediate firming effect. Reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The eye area feels vibrant, and looks more youthful.

With Sodium Hyaluronate, super-hydrating, able to hold 1,000 times its weight in water.

Note: Witch Hazel extract may give you a fresh, tingling sensation upon application.

Introductory Price: S$56 (normal price, S$69)

Cool White Essence

An ultra-refreshing brightening serum that targets dark spots. To lighten pigmentation marks and age spots, unifying the skin tone. Contains BioWhiteä blend to inhibit the release of melanin. This oil-free product is suitable for all skin types, and can be used throughout the year.

Introductory Price: S$72 (normal price, S$90)

Skincode Age Lab, with the highest amount of CM-Glucan, formulated for weakened and normal to dry skin

Time Rewinding Serum

This amazingly soft serum is designed to effectively lift and firm the skin on your face and neck. It is concocted as a rejuvenating serum to outsmart the ageing process. Its Time Rewinding Technology stimulates collagen production, forming a physical shield against daily pollution.

A concentrate that restores your skin’s vitality and elasticity and helps smooth out wrinkles and expression lines.

Introductory Price: S$119 (normal price, S$148)

Time Rewinding Day Cream SPF15

This advanced texture gives intensive moisture and forms a physical shield against daily environmental aggressions such as UVA/UVB pollution. It effectively counteracts the visible signs of ageing while supporting skin’s own repair and defense mechanisms.

It gives a feeling of perfect hydration and comfort.

Introductory Price: S$135 (normal price, S$168)

Time Rewinding Night Cream

This advanced texture works at night, intensively counteracting damage, whilst nurturing the skin and maximising its resilience. It effectively relaxes the skin, especially targeting expression lines and wrinkles.

With the unique “Layer Technology”, which mimics the inner structure of the skin. Imparts a “cushiony” sensorial touch and velvety feel.

Introductory Price S$135 (normal price, S$168)

Time Rewinding Eye Cream

Contains White Tea, a very powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory Bisabolol that promotes softening and healing, and natural wax obtained from olives. It promotes the formation of lamellar liquid crystals that produce several bilayers, “wrapping” the oil droplets. It provides intensive skin hydration due to high water content of liquid crystalline structure.

Smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles, skin is plumped and hydrated, and health is returned to skin. Reduces puffiness and dark circles,

Introductory Price S$79 (normal price, S$98)

Skincode Exclusive, with Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation2 (ACR G2), formulated for mature skin, and normal to dry skin

Cellular Cream

This vitamin-rich moisturiser stimulates and regenerates cell renewal.

Meticulously packaged in a clear glass jar with silver screen printing, this luxurious, silky cream is formulated with the exclusive organic Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation2 (ACR G2).

Specifically designed to tackle ageing at a cellular level, ACR G2 effectively stimulates the cell metabolism and renewal process, thus reinforcing skin’s self-defence and repair mechanism.

As soon as applied, the blue spheres melt on your skin, releasing vitamin A & E to promote skin firmness and elasticity. Cellular Cream also improves skin oxygenation while protecting it from free radical damaged.

Your skin will feel supple and soft.

Introductory Price S$104 (normal price, S$130)

Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules

Fondly dubbed “Cinderella Capsules”, this luxurious serum has an instant beautifying effect, as well as long-term regenerating effect.

Individually encapsulated, your complexion takes on a soft peachy glow when applied. Perfect for nights out at the opera, fine dining or simply a gathering with friends.

Besides being empowered with botanical extracts, this serum is dotted with moisturising agents that work to help restore skin’s hydrolipid film, regulating its moisture balance.

Note: Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules do not contain the Skincode Exclusive Active Ingredient ACR G2, for this product focuses mainly on anti-oxidant properties, the strongest of its advantages.

Introductory Price S$139 (normal price, S$173)

Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen

An all-day pick-me-up eye treatment; a roll-on serum to de-puff, hydrate and awaken the eye contour.

The Power Pen gently massages away ungraceful bags under the eyes, promoting skin compactness, stimulating collagen production and increasing cellular communication. Pro Vitamin B5 has an anti-inflammatory effect, with Caffeine to detox and reduce local fat deposit.

Introductory Price S$63 (normal price, S$78) 

I have been using the products for bout 1 week and really like how they feel on my skin smooth and hydrated for 24hours!  They are suitable for all skin types and does not cause any irritation . When the weather is humid or in dry aircon condition during my sleep, i feel my skin wake up recharged. Laugh lines and expression lines are smooth and even out well using  24h cell energizer cream . 🙂

Also, I late nights and as we age, our eyes can tell . Ilove how the firming eye zone gel, smoothes and glides as i massage my eyes. As it is in a gel texture, it is easily absorbed and non oily or greasy. My skin around my eye area is well taken care of 🙂

Recommending Skincode Essentials to all my readers, to have the perfect skin that you can preserve your age, reset the time and stay young always 🙂 i have tried it myself and am using it.

Definitely worth it to spend a little bit more for better skin and looking good always takes you far and well 🙂

Skincode is available at Parklane Medical Centre,
35 Selegie Road,
#02-25A, Parklane Shopping Mall.
Tel: 6334 6778.

Introductory prices are available from 1 June – 31 July 2012.

My Skin is thanking me for the goodness i always give it. 🙂

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