Biotherm PUREFECT Skin – 3 Steps to reach Pure Perfection

hi Everyone, i would like to introduce Biotherm PUREFECT Skin.
3 Steps to reach Pure Perfection… Anti-shine, anti-pores, anti-imperfections!

Interesting as it sounds. Imperfections at everyday and is not only a teenager’s concern. To understand a little bit more of our skin, beyond hormones, environmental factors such as pollution and humidilty can disrupt the skin’s natural balance at every age, leading to an excess production of sebum. This excess sebum, together with water from humidity in the air or sweat secretion, forms a layer on the skin that can favour one particular bacterium. Called propionibacterium acnes, or P.acnes, this bacterium is the main cause of skin imperfections.

In addition to pollution and humidity, lifestyle factors such as STRESS, imbalanced diet contribute to aggravating skin’s natural cycles, encouraging the production of oil which leads to shine and other skin imperfections.

Enriched with L.Digitata extract, Zinc and Perlite, the PURFECT Skin routine deeply purifies and mattifies the skin, refines pores and diminishes imperfections to achieve a pure and perfect complexion.

1. Daily Cleansing – Anti-shine Purifying cleansing gel

A cleanser that thoroughly cleanses, leaving a refreshing sensation without drying the skin.
– 99% of woman find this product really effective on 23 aspects: purity,pores tightened , skin mattified.

2. Daily Toning – Micro-exfoliating purifying toner

With cutting-edge technology, this astringent toner perfectly purifies skin with a high level of efficacy, leaving skin free of impurities and pores visibly refined.

3. Daily Hydration – Pure Skin effect hydrating gel

A refreshing and hydrating moisturiser with mattifying powder, perfect for combination and oily skin.

Controls shine for 8hours, skin is left shine-free , hydrated and mattified.

Try it yourself and check out at the counter at Takashimaya Ngee Ann city. Feel free to have a skin analysis and bring home some samples to try! 🙂

One thought on “Biotherm PUREFECT Skin – 3 Steps to reach Pure Perfection

  1. I have an overly active sebaceous glands and i think i have already tried everything to control facial oil but nothing worked so far. ,hope this works

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