PhotoFacial (IPL)Intense Pulsed Light Treatment at Sainte Chapelle Clinic, Dr Aaron Pang

Hi Everyone,

if you know me years back, i really love the sun and i am really into baking myself in the sun and playing beach volleyball , sun tanning  and swimming! A Real Sporty Chic i am!

Always thought that was the kinda healthy complexion, medium brown tone, till my skin is really damaged by the sun and i start having freckles on my cheeks! Yes alot of people might say freckles are cute to me when i complain and so on… The TRUTH is, they aint cute… in fact, look into the mirror and check for yourself… it actually makes me look 5yrs older and my skin tone is uneven!

Freckles or uneven skin tones makes one looks tired! This is me with the Freckles. No makeup  :

So, i have been looking for the RIGHT doctor to do the Intense Pulsed Light Treatment for me . I am not saying other doctor aint good . Just wanna share this with you and a little something about IPL. If it is not done correctly or with experienced doctors, you might have your freckles looking darker brown and looking more obvious! 

With Dr Aaron Pang at Sainte Chapelle Clinic , you can be rest assured! i have done mine there and it goes pretty well after that.

Sharing my Experience on the Intense Pulsed Light Treatment at Sainte Chapelle Clinic . It is done with a skin analysis and follow by numbing cream and light device for the skin when Dr Aaron pang will do the IPL light on skin and adjust according to the needs. It is done evenly for the whole face and for the freckles to go one more round to perfect it.

Hmm.. is it painful if you ask me… i feel it is bearable for a person like me who is super afraid of pain . Definately worth to do it for your skin! I feel i look younger and reset my age again!

Let me share a bit more technical read up from  Sainte Chapelle Clinic about Intense Pulsed Light Treatment:

Quick-fix photofacial to enhance your skin 

Also known as photo-facial or photo-rejuvenation, IPL devices emit high intensity light pulses to rejuvenate the skin and restore a youthful glow. It is a “quick-fix” procedure suitable for busy upscale professionals looking for a “lunchtime facelift”.

The IPL used for facial rejuvenation at The Sainte Chapelle Clinic is a medical grade therapy effective for reducing superficial pigmentation, redness, fine facial blood vessels and uneven skin tone. Patients also report a smoothening and refining of the skin, with a reduction in fine wrinkles and enlarged pores. Since there is virtually no/little downtime, patients may return to normal activities immediately after their treatment.

For more information log on to or call : 63363128to fix your appointment with the doctor for him to view and analyse your skin.

Alrighty, i will not pose any after picture… i will let u look at me yourself when u see me in person. As much as it is, u will not notice the freckles like i used to have!  Without freckles, it’s definately making me look beautiful and younger! Thanks Dr Aaron Pang! 

Perfection is Possible! 🙂

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