SopranoXLi Hair-Free Experience at Sainte Chapelle Clinic, Marina Link

No Pain, SWEET Gain!
Get Your Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM Experience with SopranoXLi 

We’ve all been through it all – dealing with unwanted body hair through various methods. Depilatory methods that have shorter term results seem to appear as a chore while longer-term solutions such as the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or the conventional laser may not be suitable for everyone and can even sting or cause a burning sensation during the process itself.

I have a visit at Sainte Chapelle Clinic, located at #B1-10, Marina Link for my SopranoXLi Hair-Free Experience. This is something new to me as previously i have very  much into waxing or IPL. Having said that i decide to try the Harper’s Bazaar 2012 Spa Awards (best hair removal category) for the Soprano®XL painless laser hair removal at Sainte Chapelle Clinic, Marina Link with Dr Aaron Pang.

First of all, rest assured, there is no pain in this procedure. The nurses are very professional and helpful.  They will clean the area that is required for the hair removal to be done, then removing all unwanted hair and next the machine which is like warm and it will go through the hair area. The eyes is covered and the procedure was done quickly and with no pain.

I would recommand this to my readers and this is definately better faster comparing to IPL or Monthly Waxing. Thumbs up service! 🙂

The Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM treatment shatters the notion of: “No Pain, No Gain.”

With Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM, it’s just “No Pain, SWEET Gain! Fast, long- lasting and most importantly, virtually painless, are not just the sweet key points of this treatment. Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM also works great on men and women, is suitable for all skin types, all hair colours and requires no downtime. Unlike most other hair removal treatments that cannot cater to lighter coloured hairs or darker skin tones, the technology behind Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM banishes this discrimination. Able to cater to virtually all body parts such as legs, arms, bikini lines, back, chest, facial hair and even hair found on hard-to-treat areas such as the ears, Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM will make you squeal in delight at its efficacy and its painless process.

How It Works Its Magic 

Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM‘s patented technology and IN Motion™ protocol safely and gently heats the targeted area. The answer lies in the SOPRANOXLi machine’s unique technology that is able to transmit low heat levels at a fast delivery. By maximizing low heat, SOPRANOXLi reduces pain and minimizes the risk of side effects. This is why no numbing cream is necessary.

Low Heat, Fast Pace  

With SOPRANOXLi’s cutting edge medical laser technology, pulses of energy gradually heat the follicles in the skin’s sub-dermal layer.  An additional cooling mechanism further ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your treatment. Akin to a “hot stone massage” soothing sensation, most people find the Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM treatment comfortable. So say goodbye to enduring through rubber band-snapping painful sessions or dealing with the aftermath of scarring, burns and blisters caused by the overheating of your skin surface through the strong levels of heat used in the older laser technologies. Unlike most conventional laser hair removal technologies that utilize massive amounts of energy to destroy hair follicles, the low heat delivery at a fast pace that SOPRANOXLi offers a comfortable, long-lasting permanent hair reduction solution with no downtime.

Around the World 

Breaking the mould in the laser hair removal scene, Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM hits the right notes in over 20 countries worldwide and has been featured in a number of publications and television programmes for its groundbreaking technology that eases the process of hair removal and provides an excellent solution for permanent hair reduction.

Go the Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM way and achieve silky smooth bare skin. Sing the right tune and taste the sweet success of eliminating unwanted body hair with the SOPRANOXLi today.

Duration: 5 to 15 minutes for smaller areas 20 to 30 minutes for larger areas such as the back.

Price: Approximately S$200 – S$400 per session (for smaller areas) and S$600– S$1,200 per session (for larger areas)

Total number of sessions required: On average, up to six sessions are required to remove all hair.  

For a full listing of clinics that offer Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM,
please contact NeoAsia’s headquarters at 6552 7788.  

For more information, visit

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