Korean Collagen health supplement: Ultimate Colla-gen Gold

Collagen occupies up to 30% of total protein in bodyfound in the skin, bone, joint, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, andteeth.   As we age, around the age of 25, collagen levels startto drop, at about 1.5% every year. Rather alarmingly, by the age of 45,the collagen levels in your body will have reduced by up to 30%.  Wewill begin to feel the aches and pains which come with age. Our skin will alsobare the brunt and signs of aging in the formation of wrinkles and spots. Before aging plays its hand against us, let’s take control of ourimminent future, and start giving our body and skin the care and attention itneeds now. Start from the inside-out with Ultimate Colla-gen!

Experience revitalised youth like never before!

Korea’s #1Preferred Collagen.  Ultimate Colla-gen presentsan unprecedented advancement in Collagen Science technology with keyactive ingredient of Nano-molecular Collagen more than 50 percent smaller in size than leadingCollagen products available in the market.  100% blended in Korea accordingto stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) forhealth supplements. Halal-certified, Ultimate Colla-gen tastes lightand refreshing on its own, enhanced with real blueberry extract and withno fishy after-taste.  Each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen containsNano-sized multi-nutrient benefits in one holistic dietary supplementsachet.  It’s almost weightless at 38kcalper sachet.

Ultimate Colla-gen caters to people of all age groups.There are 2 formulations available: For individuals who are in their 20still their 40s, Ultimate Colla-gen Plus nurtures skin, hai rand nails. For individuals who are in their Golden Years, UltimateColla-gen Gold nurtures joints, bones and skin.

Ultimate Colla-gen Gold will retail at Nishino Pharmacies and Robinsons from May 2012 🙂 Retailing at $88 per box.

Ready for a healthy life without coffee and just Collagen and Good health!

I really like this korean Collagen – Ultimate Collagen Gold. It is really tasty and have a fruity tasty. Either mix with water or juices , i really love it. it is a healthy and beauty drink for me as i always believe in taking good care of my skin. One of the tastiest Collagen and easy to bring while on a trip. i am glad that my hair and nails look healthier 🙂 after drinking Ultimate Collagen gold 🙂

Perfection is Possible. Stay happy always 🙂

Interested to try it ? check it out at Nishino Pharmacies and Robinsons from May 2012

5 thoughts on “Korean Collagen health supplement: Ultimate Colla-gen Gold

  1. Hi l am looking for rigt collegen prodac l want to import to thailand and sale l alredy have market about like thise prodac please l am waiting more your info and contac whit me thank u. Mobil 0066 89 449 0542

  2. hi volkan cicek you are from thailand. because im looking also some good beauty product in thailand with collagen.. i heard a lot of good feedback some good items from thailand thanks a lot.

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