Garnier MEN : Turbo Light Oil Control

Introducing Garnier MEN : Turbo Light Oil Control which comes in a handy of two products :

First product :
Purify & Brighten charcoal Black Foam
that traps dirt & Excess oil instantly.

The 1st Charcoal foam for Men, enriched with natural charcoal well known for its absorbing properties, acts to trap excessive oil and dirt for an intensely purified and visibly brighten skin.

99% of Men saw fresh smooth skin with cool effect instantly and less greasy skin in 4 weeks.

Usage  : Apply on wet face, gently massage in with fingertips while avoiding the eye contour. Rinse off. Suitable for daily use.

Second Product :
Brighten & Recharge ICE-MATTE Gel
(Energizing with ginseng extract, Brightening Lemon Extract)

It Reduces tiredness and Dullness.

Garnier Brighten & Recharge ICE-MATTE GEL is the First brightening recharging moisturizer designed for men.

Skin looks instantly brighter
– with lemon extract, it reduces dullness for a clear matte-looking skin.
Skin looks energized, as if recharged :
-with ginseng extract, its icy fresh formula reduces signs of tiredness.

PUMP up brightness, cut down tiredness!
Usage : apply twice daily on cleansed facial skin. Avoid eye area. 

Reviews for both products : 
From my point of view after trying it out on my hand and washing it . I feel the texture of the product is good for men especially. The scent is especially for men , so ladies out there, sorry it is not suitable for you! 🙂 haaa….  Felt it is easy for modern men out there and something to try 🙂

4 thoughts on “Garnier MEN : Turbo Light Oil Control

  1. Dear Gin, thank you for writing this. I am a female in my mid-30s with very oily skin. And because I take part in races, they gave a sample of this a year back. So after sitting awhile in the washroom, I decided to use it. Lo and Behold! It was just what my skin needed on a daily basis! Absorbs oil and a bit on the extreme side but some skins do need this. Going to get a tube after the sample finishes.

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