Komachi, The Hair Cult

< Sponsored Review > Thanks Komachi for sponsoring me to do Hair color and cut.

The salon takes its inspiration from the trendy streets of Tokyo, Japan, quite literally as its staff hail from the Land of the Rising Sun!

The process of dying and treatment included :

Treatment in process :

Here is my Real black natural hair when i used to have brown and looks like a teenager… now for a more sophiscated look :

My review :
i really like their service and they are very nice and kind . I remember i was rather tired after a long long day and they actually try to talk and cheer and make me laugh. Then they are very professional although it is a sponsored review and they even do up pictures and portfolio for me after that.

i definately go back for me new hair cut. Though i am keeping long this time… however i might make a change and lets see what they can do for me .

If u are looking for a place where they talk good care and look after your hair… my recommandation is look no where but Komachi – The hair Cult

Make your appointment : Tel : 63399432 / 68363391
390 Orchard Road #02-03/04 International Building

PROMOTIONS! Time to Get a Change and a new look!

Get your new amazing haircut and color at a special price of $168!

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