Give Your Skin Some Tender Loving Care with Garnier Aqua Defense Gentle!

Give Your Skin Some Tender Loving Care with Aqua Defense Gentle!

Garnier’s new range hydrates and soothes skin

Looking for an extra gentle skincare solution to achieve baby soft skin? Garnier is proud to introduce its newly launched Aqua Defense Gentle range, comprising the Aqua Defense Gentle Hydrating Toner and Aqua Defense Gentle Extra-Moisturising Essence, to give skin an instant hydration kick without the sting or redness!

Formulated with soothing Water Lily and repairing Pro-Vitamin B5, the toner freshens skin and prepares it for a more effective absorption of other skincare products. For a complete hydration boost, the watery gel essence moisturises and protects skin from external aggressions that make skin easily sensitized. Designed to remain gentle on sensitive skin,the products leave skin smooth and supple with a healthy glow of natural radiance.

Tone and Hydrate Your Skin to a Healthy Glow 

With the understanding that skin is constantly exposed to external aggressions, such as pollution, dirt and air-conditioning, Garnier Laboratories have developed the Aqua Defense Gentle range to relieve and protect skin at the same time.

The Aqua Defense Gentle Hydrating Toner is a 100% fragrance and alcohol free lotion, which preps skin for a more effective absorption of moisturisers and other skincare products. Enriched with calming natural extracts, it gently tones the face, leaving skinsoft and refreshed.

Designed to deliver an instant hydration boost, the Aqua Defense Gentle Extra-Moisturising Essence quenches skin intensely,while reinforcing its natural protective barrier. Its smooth watery gel texture allows the complex to be easily absorbed and ensures that no shine or greasy feel is left behind. The formula’s richness in water is also designed to lock in moisture, keeping skin revitalized and radiant throughout the day, while reducing skin tightness and discomfort.

Natural Ingredients to Soothe and Repair Skin

Drawing its inspiration from Nature, Garnier harnesses the benefits of natural extracts to boost hydration, repair and protect skin.

• Water Lily Extract: Known for its calming effect, Nymphea Alba or Water Lily has a cooling action which reduces skin irritation and tightness, while inhibiting the mechanisms responsible for inflammation.

• Pro-Vitamin B5: A member of the powerful B-complex vitamin family, Pro-Vitamin B5 is used for its ability to moisturise, soothe, heal, and regenerate skin.

• Vitamin E: An antioxidant with skin repairing properties, Vitamin E protects against pollution and helps to neutralize free radicals that are cause collagen damage, skin dryness and fine lines.

Combining the soothing benefits of natural extracts together with intense hydration, the Garnier Aqua Defense Gentle range provides a gentle yet effective solution to take care of all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Price and Availability

Available now at Watsons, Guardians, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores, the Garnier Aqua Defense Gentle Extra-Moisturising Essence retails at $19.90 and the Aqua Defense Gentle Hydrating Toner retails at $9.90.

Try it yourself , i am sure you love the scent and texture like i do … Garnier, an affordable  skincare product can give us beautiful radiance 🙂

Stay Tuned while i share other Great Garnier products with you … Next up … something to give away 🙂

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