Mother’s Day Special : Biotherm Firm Corrector Review

Thank you Biotherm for launching this wonderful product!

Mother’s Day is Round the corner and every year we pampered our mummy with wonderful products and today i am going to introduce something that both  you and your mum can add to the body range  – The Biotherm Firm Corrector

Biotherm concentrates the firming capabilities of L.ochroleuca extract in a global re-firming, as a recompacting skincare solution. Firm Corrector gives back to the skin its youthful appearance, suppleness and firmness.

As We age, our skin loses around 1% of its collagen every year. so between the ages of 20-70, we can expect to lose up to 50% of our collagen reservoirs.

It’s time to be firm with your skin: because time most certainly isn’t. From 20-70 years old, your skin loses up to 50% of its collagen, the major component of firmness.

To start with i will have a thorough body scrub and prepare my skin for the best absorption of Biotherm Firm Corrector

And After that : Biotherm Firm Corrector

The introduction of Firm Corrector, a recompacting, re-firming cream , for firmer , supplier and more toned skin. With Firm Corrector, the skin looks toned and firmer with greater elasticity in just 10 days.

I really like the texture of the Biotherm Firm Corrector because it is really v smooth like a whipped cream and also i really like how it smooth my skin, moisturise it and makes my skin feel soft smooth and bouncy.

Loves how my skin feel after i use it. 🙂 skin feels good and GREAT ! sharing with my mum makes it GREAT . Spread your love and get some thing to reward you and your mum 🙂

Also results show that :

After two weeks of using it , with greater elasticity …
Firmess +9.7%
Skin elasticity +12 %
Tonicity +24.8%

Application :
On the stomach: Apply with closed fists
On the arms: Apply claw-like movements
On the thighs: Apply  claw-like movements

For more information on Biotherm Body Specialist range and other products :
Get your Biotherm Firm Corrector today at $82 at all leading departmental stores now for this mother’s day 🙂

While stock lasts! Be sure to grab it before it is sold out 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

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