How a Little red riding hood can identify and manage a Wolf in a Sheep Skin?

Hi everyone, Holiday is round the corner and yes i have been sharing and feeding with lots of GREAT skincare tips, products and beauty tips.

So, what next or what to share… Perhaps something interesting and to think about ! 🙂   Hope it helps the innocence ladies out there to be mindful and be aware and not fallen to be a prey.

I would like to lighten the holiday mood with interesting topic of the day! Perhaps something to laugh 🙂 , something to cheer you up singles ladies and for those who are dating, Yes we are talking about LOVE and how should we be mindful of

I was pretty inspired by Mediacorp Channel 8 { CLICK HERE To watch } : PILLOW Talk and to share some interesting facts

How a little red riding hood can identify and manage a Wolf in a Sheep Skin? 

Sound like a fairy tale ? Ok  perhaps it just mean “How to identify a player?”

Players are people who just think of themselves in a relationship. They have no interest to improve a relationship and just want to be in control. They will show hot temper or abusive.

Convenience is a player’s motto—when the mood strikes, a player will take you off the shelf and charm his way into your life.

Here’s the 7 easy steps to help your identify a player: 
Step 1: Open your eyes wide.
–> Do not be blinded by Flashy Continental Branded Car, Condo,
Step 2: Activate and use all your senses to evaluate.
–> How willing is he to listen to you ?
Step 3: Invite all your 兄弟姐妹,亲朋好友 to evaluate the subject.
Step 4: Take note of all the feedbacks.
–> Do not discuss with him as he might brainwash you . The keywords is OBSERVE!
Step 5: Take their feedback into serious consideration.
Step 6 : Don’t be blamed by the words and on when he said “why you don’t trust me? ”
Step 7: May the Force be with you. Stay Strong. Be Brave to smile and walk away.

{Read more on how to identify a player Here }

There is two types of guys in this world. Ask yourself …
1. Would you want a man that is physically by your side but doesnt confide anything with you and doesnt spend quality time with you. All he do is to connect with “good friends” in his mobile . { Read more here } Text messages do wonders to connect the telepathy between two parties.

Do your know  ?

Text messages are the closest thing we have to telepathy.  With
the right texts you can short circuit a man’s critical brain and awaken
those deep feelings he still has for you in his heart, no matter how
hard he tries to deny them.”


2. Would you like a man that connects to you and share moments, be it happy or sad , even in quarrel and anger. He know he is spending quality time with you and he appreciates the moment he has with you.?

Ask yourself what kind of guy do you like and what future you can see in the man. Does he deserve you after all the things you do and share with him ?

Hope this is something interesting and it does knock some senses to all the innocence ladies out there! Dont be the innocent prey!

Hope this will be helpful and if you like it share with your friends around that is going through it . BIG HUGS 🙂

Love yourself , Stay happy Always 🙂 Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer : All facts are shared and read up from internet . search more from yahoo, google and all other search engines. Visuals are used to enhance the topic.  

One thought on “How a Little red riding hood can identify and manage a Wolf in a Sheep Skin?

  1. I totally agree with you. I am in a relationship too.

    I think my boyfriend is a wolve in sheep skin. His friends think he is a good man as this is the image he shows to others.

    He hangs out with his girl friends and text them constantly. He tells me he treats them as friends and the girls also treat him as a friend and do not want to disturb our relationship.

    If the girl do not want to disturb our relationship, why do they hang out or text him constantly? Men can be wolve and women also. I think about the girlfriend’s feelings. There is karma. I myself will not hang out or text other people’s boyfriends.

    The world is fool of wolves.

    Are you facing a similar issue? I hope you can be brave too.

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