COLLA-e Trio Program : COLLA-e Collagen Drink, Collagen Illuminating Essence and Intensive Collagen Booster

Thank you so much to the Advance Frontier Holding Pte Ltd for the Sponsoring me COLLA-e !

Fish Leong
International Singer/ Artiste Colla-e Ambassador

Also MediaCorp Artiste Fann Wong and Yvonne Lim  had tried it too!

Collagen – the “glue” that holds the body “Some women are born beautiful, others achieve beauty.”

Like many things in life, we don’t know its importance until we lose it. The same with collagen.

In your teens and early twenties, there is abundance of growth hormone. This promotes the growth of collagen, part of the natural make-up of tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, hair and skin. Collagen gives elasticity and suppleness to our skin, builds strong bones and ligaments and even provides permeability to our blood vessels.

Let me introduce the wonderful product that Colla-e have for us :

Mother’s day is coming soon, and Check out COLLA-e at Watsons and get it for you and your mummy to try, While Stock Lasts!

Visit and Add them on Facebook HERE

Beautiful Skin comes from daily care starting from home! 🙂 drink it with your mum 🙂 I really love the taste of this collagen and it is not too sour or sweet. THE BEST Taste i ever had so far! Also, i love how my skin look the next day waking up. It really makes a difference as compare to no drinking Colla-e. The results for me on my skin is quite instant and it does help!

Price range i feel v reasonable and it also came with skincare to boost up my skin. I would sincerely recommand to all my readers here to check out at watsons store!

Spread the Word, Spread the Love, Stay Beautiful Always 🙂

One thought on “COLLA-e Trio Program : COLLA-e Collagen Drink, Collagen Illuminating Essence and Intensive Collagen Booster

  1. Great stuff from you, my friend. Ive read your posts before and you’re just Awesome! I love what you’ve got here, love what you’re saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and yet you still manage to keep it smart & to the point. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great & very well blog!

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