CharlyT’s food journey @ Katong 112


The urban fast-casual chicken based restaurant group introduces global cuisine prepared with fresh, seasonal produce, to the heartlands. 

Singapore, February 2012 – Situated on the third floor of the newly opened I12 Katong, Charly T‟s second outlet in Singapore brings its urban, fast-casual chicken based restaurant concept; an exciting array of authentic global cuisines made from fresh, seasonal ingredients and wallet-friendly prices to the heartlands.

Charly T‟s first outlet opened at NOMU (beside The Cathay) in December 2009. Since its launch, the restaurant has successfully won customers over with its famous rotisserie chicken.  The second outlet at I12 Katong continues to apply this winning formula of global home-style cuisine‟ paired with affordable prices.

Charly T is a curious, adventurous globetrotter whose goal in life is to bring travel, food, jazz, life and more together to create exciting Food Journeys. The restaurant group chronicles

Charly T‟s remarkable food expeditions and allows customers to experience his travels vicariously through its menu. From the famous rotisserie chicken from Germany to the quintessentially American all beef Sloppy Joe, CT’s Beef Burger and the German inspired

Bratwurst & Sauerkraut Wrap, there is always something for everyone at Charly T‟s, including a „fresh from the garden‟ selection of nutritious and great tasting salads.

Fans of Charly T‟s will be happy to know that their favorite items are available at the new I12 Katong branch. Along with the famous Charly T’s Original Recipe Rotisserie Chicken and Kampong Chicken, two new varieties – the Kansas City BBQ Chicken and the Black Pepper Chicken have been added to the menu. Charly T‟s chickens are chilled, but never frozen to keep their freshness.  The chickens are marinated for over 13 hours before they are slow-cooked -rotisserie style. The result is a delectable combination of crisp exterior and juicy meat that is full of natural goodness.

Besides a unique blend of spices and marinades, the famous rotisserie chicken also comes with a variety of signature sauces to complement its savory flavor. These include the homemade‟ Chermoula Sauce (a traditional Moroccan sauce of cilantro, garlic and cayenne pepper sauce), creamy Roasted Sesame Sauce, Kansas City BBQ Sauce and Charly T’s Original Sauce – SPICY or HOT. To complete the meal, guests can choose from a delightful range of „from Mum‟s kitchen‟ side dishes such as the German Potato Salad, Macaroni and Cheese and Butter Garlic Rice.

The Kalua Pork from Honolulu, is a spin-off of an indispensable dish found at Hawaiian luaus or feasts. Giving off a wonderful hint of smoky flavour, the pork belly is well marinated and slow-cooked to perfection. The Chicken Schnitzel commemorates Charly T‟s many visits to Vienna during his mid-teens. An Austrian-German staple, the dish features an escalope-style chicken coated in bread crumbs, fried till golden brown, and served with a generous helping of CT fries. Charly T‟s has also given the dish a unique twist by creating the Jumbo Schnitzel Burger, a crowd favorite amongst those who enjoy a hearty meal.

On a regular basis, Charly T‟s also introduces special seasonal items excerpted from his travel journals to satisfy the travel lust and curious appetites of his fellow „Food Journeyers‟ – the Yokohama influenced Negima Salmon Teriyaki is an excellent example.

To round up the gastronomic adventure, guests can order Charly T‟s own „baked on the spot Waffles, the Los Angeles inspired Ice Cream Sandwich, or the famous Austrian-German dessert, Kaiserschmarrn – a light and fluffy pancake shredded and then dusted in powdered sugar, raisins and served with our „homemade‟ vanilla bean ice cream.

Charly T learned his skill at mixology while working in London at the popular Lamb and Flag Pub.  He nearly lost his job as his fresh juice concoctions were favored over the pub‟s other spirited beverages.  These refreshing juice Odysseys are now available at Charly T‟s, with options such as the Green Flash (a mix of green apple, orange and pineapple) and Red Tang (a mix of strawberry, cranberry and lychee).

Charly T‟s I12 Katong restaurant seats approximately 100 in total, including an 8-seater private dining room designed to reflect Charly T‟s eclectic heritage.  With the addition of “Charly‟s Porch”, an open-air porch which seats up to 24, guests can watch “live” sports matches on a 60” widescreen. The porch is a perfect spot to unwind over Charly T‟s „full- measure‟ cocktails such as the CT Bloody Mary, Russian Punch, Esmeralda’s Margarita and CT signature Martinis (vanilla, peppar, mango and raspberry). A selection of house wines, domestic and imported beers are also available for order. During Charly Time (before 7pm) these beverages can be enjoyed at discounted prices.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 12noon, Charly T‟s offers a selection of „home-style‟ breakfast items including open-face omelettes such as the Spanish and Ham & CheeseEggs any Style, Yoghurt and Fruits, Mum‟s homemade Dilly Bread and CT’s Original Filled Waffles (bacon and cheese or chocolate).

For more information, visit for more details, or join CharlyTs at Facebook page to be kept updated regularly.

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