Foltene Restructuring Shampoo Review

hi Everyone,
Remember my earlier post on Foltène® Restructuring Shampoo ?  {CLICK HERE} I have been using for some time already and feel that it has really improved my hair  from messy and not so manageable to pretty smooth and manageable . Also, i have seen significantly more volume in my hair too 🙂

The product is clear and transparent. it is nice and thick. it gives hair a good wash… after weeks i can see that my hair is stronger, less fall . I like the packaging for home or travel purpose. The benefits of this product is tremendous for haircare

Want to have nice and healthy hair ? Try Foltene Restructuring Shampoo! 🙂 it is worth your every cents!!! 🙂


My hair regains strength, smoothness and shine in 7 days!  Feel soft and flowy and have the natural shine!!! 

for more product information,

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