Have you ever stopped for a moment to think how stupidly contradictory our lives are today?  As we mature younger, we are having babies later.  As humans are growing bigger, stronger and healthier – we are exercising less.  As we have better access than ever to instant information we are expected to memorise more at school.

And as 50 is considered the new 40, we are losing our hair in our late 20s.  No joke! I spent some time with a consultant from TK Trichokare – and what she told me quite literally made my hair stand on end.  Can you imagine, 40% of guys are now showing visible signs of hair loss by the age of 35 – and for us ladies the news is worse – our hair loss can start from our late 20s. That’s right – you’ve just finished uni, got your first job and you are losing your hair just like your grandmother!

Oily Scalp :

Infected Scalp :

Dandruff Hair scalp :

The reason for my freakout?  I was wandering around Clementi Mall (waiting on a friend for a lunch appointment) when the aromatic herbal spa smell from TK Trichokare’s outlet led me to wander inside.   The smell was heavenly, I couldn’t identify the herbs myself, but according to the recep, all the treatments here at Trichokare use a suite of natural European Herbs.  A lot of them I hadn’t heard of before – like Leopard’s Bane for example (cool name right?), or the somewhat less esoteric Horse’s Tail. Other were more familiar, like Jojoba, Sage and Chicory.

I recognised TK Trichokare from Diana Ser’s ads – but what I didn’t know is that they use a range of all natural Botanical Remedies sourced exclusively from Europe to treat hairloss problems.  I expected most of their clients to be men – but because of a really pampering environment where relaxation and solving hairloss problems at their root cause are key about 70% of Trichokare’s clients are actually ladies. Surprising right?  And I bet you also didn’t know that up to 40% of women in Singapore are suffering from thinning hair either did you?

The best news is though,  as with all health problems, treatments are most effective at early stages.  For hair loss, the re-growth is possible when the follicles are still active – which is why the natural treatments at Trichokare focus on stimulating a healthy scalp with all natural, non-intrusive Botanical Remedies.

Healthy Scalp:


One of the really great things about TK Trichokare, and what sets them apart from the competitors, is that they are the first ISO 9002 certified trichological centre in Singapore!  That, and they are also a member of the International Association of Trichologists, which means they are audited and certified.

Always being on the lookout for great deals for my readers – I asked if Trichokare would extend their “friend get friend” special to people that booked through my blog.  They have agreed so if you click this link ( you’ll get a great promo.


  1. Quite a while ago I was just losing my hair but I just didn’t know how to stop it from thinning, I’d been also on a diet plan hoping to shed fat for health reasons mostly. I lost about 80 pounds and after my weight-loss I discovered that my hair stopped receding as a consequence of increased protein intake and improved diet regime, I fell this approach purely by mistake after a little research In addition I used Provillus and Nism to support my lost hair regrow. It is now fully restored, I hope this helps..

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