Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program, Haircare Series


You don’t have to have a personal hairstylist to have salon-perfect hair 24/7 – cue in Keratinology bY SunSilK.

Thousands of women leave the salon each day with perfect hair.

But did you know that chemical changes start happening to your hair the minute you leave the salon…?

The Infinite Cycle of Beauty 

Even after the best salon treatments, over time, hair starts to lose protein and strength.
• Tiny cracks appear, which widen, and allow free radicals to penetrate.
• In time, the results of salon treatments fade entirely.


A new innovation that prolongs salon-perfect hair till your next salon visit…

Keratinology prolongs the beauty of salon-treated hair.

THREE revolutionary ranges for specific salon-treated hair needs:

– Advanced Reconstruction Program: Recover 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days for total hair metamorphosis

Sun-Kissed Therapy: Next generation nourishment to prolong vibrant color & mirror- like shine

Korean Bounce Therapy: Breathe life back into your curls to maintain gorgeous bounce and sublime softness

Availability: Exclusively at all Watsons stores

Accolades: Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards  in March issue for “Best Leave- In Hair Conditioner Drug Store” and “Best Heat-Styling Product Drug Store”

Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program

New Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program, containing pico-nutrients and keratin.

Ultra fine particles penetrate deeper into the hair fibre than ever before to re-bond lost protein and nourish hair back to life.

Detoxifying Shampoo

This cleansing formula works in harmony with salon treatments to gently remove residues and prepare hair for full reconstruction The first step for the Advanced Reconstruction Program

• Express Treatment Conditioner 

A next generation in hair nourishment penetrates deep inside the hair fibre to reconstruct from within, repairing, intensely nourishing and sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage.  Hair is restored from root to tip.

• Hair Spa Mask 

Penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre to reconstruct and seal cuticles for stunning salon-like smoothness and shine.  Beautifully restored hair with an irresistible touch.

• Overnight Reconstruction 

Two applications with pico- nutrients and keratin for severely damaged hair:

1st dose: with concentrated protein, penetrates deep into the core of the hair fibre. Leave it for 3 minutes and rinse off. 2nd dose: with pico-nutrients, seals the cuticles of the hair. Do not rinse off.

Advanced Reconstruction Program

Recovers 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days.

• Heat Protector Spray 

Advanced thermo-protective formula helps repair porous damaged hair, preventing against breakage and frizz as you style for a professional look.

Total protection for more resilient hair and expert style.

• Dual Treatment Shots

Repairs up to  1 year of 5 days. 

My Review in Keratinology Hair products 🙂 : 

It is a wonderful product that helps to prolong my hair after my salon visit. Home care is always very important especially in our hectic life. Our daily home care for our care is very important . keratinology by sunsilk make it possible for us when we have the luxury to pamper our hair at home!

The shampoo and conditioner is very moisturising and my hair was soft and smooth, it runs smooth down with water. Thereafter, follow by the hair mask. it is indeed my favourite product because it is nice , thick and smells so good!

After which i will use the Heat Protector Spray as i blow dry my hair… follow by leave in conditioner for best hair smoothing effect. my hair feel soft smooth and good hair day 🙂 loves this series and they smell pretty sweet 🙂

Also, i would like to invite my readers to take part in this contest and join sunsilk facebook page :

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