Clear + Brilliant™ Uncover the Brilliance Today !

Clear + Brilliant™: Designed for the age resister seeking a simple, smart solution to slow the skin’s aging process, while unveiling beautiful, radiant skin without turning to severe or expensive treatments.

Clear + Brilliant is a unique, cost-effective treatment that utilizes safe, fractional laser technology to correct and prevent early signs of aging for both men and women of all skin types. The Clear + Brilliant technology is the perfect way to address skincare needs without resorting to more aggressive laser resurfacing treatments. Since Clear + Brilliant reigns as a gentle yet effective laser treatment, consumers can expect improved skin tone, smoother texture and softer skin.

Benefits and features of the Clear + Brilliant technology

A safe and non-invasive solution to address and prevent aging
CE Mark and FDA 501(k) cleared to treat aging signs. A quick, no downtime treatment that can be completed within a “lunch hour”

A smart way to maintain results from more aggressive treatments Complements other treatments, such as injectables and fillers Visible results, including glowy and softer skin

How it works:
The Clear + Brilliant treatment uses a unique and safe fractional laser that refreshes skin from the inside out by gently creating microscopic treatment zones and allowing healthy, younger-looking skin to surface. The patented delivery
technology provides consistent treatment coverage and insures a uniformly toned treatment area. Therefore, after treatment session(s) that take about 20 minutes or less, Clear + Brilliant revitalizes skin and brings back its youthful
radiance without the downtime of invasive treatments.

Most consumers experience immediate and progressive results that last for months but vary by age, skin condition and how the patient protects the skin. The cost of Clear + Brilliant treatments is based upon the number of treatment sessions, market/country and place of treatment.

Clear + Brilliant has received the CE Mark and FDA 501(k) approval to treat and prevent aging skin

Solta Medical, Inc.  the pioneer in fractional resurfacing and non-invasive skin tightening and a global market leader in aesthetic skin treatments also brings you Clear + Brilliant laser aesthetic treatment.  Clear + Brilliant, which received FDA clearance and CE mark, is an effective treatment based on fractional laser technology.

Clear + Brilliant provides the aesthetic market with a new category laser designed to attract proactive, younger consumers who are searching for treatments to defy the signs of aging. Clear + Brilliant utilizes a safe and unique technology that corrects skin tone and promotes radiant, healthy, younger looking skin. In-depth research with patients and skin care providers revealed an unmet need that lies between over-the-counter (OTC) or spa treatments and more aggressive laser offerings, such as Fraxel.  These consumers are looking for a treatment solution that refreshes and revitalizes their skin without resorting to the full transformative benefits of a more aggressive laser skin resurfacing procedure.

Unlike other conventional lasers that utilize the stamping delivery method, Clear + Brilliant features a patented delivery system that provides consistent coverage and insures a uniformly toned treatment area. Each treatment rejuvenates the skin from the inside out by allowing healthy, younger-looking skin to surface and only takes about 20 minutes per treatment session.

Clear + Brilliant can be used exclusively or as a complementary treatment to other dermatological procedures, and is suitable for men and women of all skin types.

This is Me before the Treatment :

… and this is me after the treatment , no makeup , skin look bright and radiant.

My Review on Clear + Brilliant™ Laser Treatment. : 

Clear + Brilliant is a unique, cost-effective treatment that utilizes safe, fractional laser technology to correct and prevent early signs of aging for both men and women of all skin types. There is very little pain and the downtime is v minimal. More benefits that you can see from your skin and the texture of the skin looks clear, bright and brilliant, the skin felt softer, smoother and pore are minimize.

After this treatment, the skin is nice and good that minimal or no makeup is needed. I had skin that look much younger than my age.

Also, Currently, they are having this promotion :

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