Sponsored: NEW FreshKon Dezigner (Pink Solitaire, Orange Solitaire, Aqua Solitaire, Green Solitaire) Review

<Sponsored Review>

It has been a while since last time I talked about contact lens. As my earlier post i am sharing on wearing Freshkon Mosaic and Freshkon color fusion. They are my favourite and still is now. And i love the natural Freshkon Alluring Eyes. 

Freshkon had been my everyday lens and i love the natural look and it suits my iris. Also, i believe alot of you have saw me in the poster of the Freshkon Mosaic and today i am going to introduce you something more unique and very comfortable as compared to the online lens.  YES!  It is FRESHKON DEZIGNER ! The PINK Solitaire! Brings Sparkle to your eyes!!!
The Orange Solitaire, Aqua Solitaire, Green Solitaire! 

To Learn more about NEW! Freshkon Dezigner :

The new Dezigner range from FreshKon cosmetic contact lenses offers you exciting opportunities to redesign your eyes. Create your signature look with FreshKon Dezigner lenses and get that fabulous, unique and sassy look.

Solitaire, our launch series, is conceptualized to frame the iris in a multi-faceted diamond cut, designed to shine!

It’s unique, it’s groovy, it’s stunning, it’s personal! FreshKon Dezigner –

My Design, My Signature!

To understand more on the comfort level  : Optimal Comfort

• 55% water content for optimal comfort
Hydrophilic surface for comfortable wear
• Easy to fit, no curling lens problem
Excellent vision
• Large optical zone for clear vision
• Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D

Let’s take a look of me wearing the Orange Solitaire! I really love it as it looks natural and suits my hair and my skin tone.

I like the comfort in my eyes and it doesnt feel like it is moving alot or blur vision. I believe HSA approval alot. As i had taste eye infection before and it is really not cheap with juz a consulation fee of $90 + followed by procedures. And to have vision to beauty of life is important to me. Freshkon Dezigner give me the sparkle in my eyes, like “talking eyes” mesmerising and alluring. I had wear it for a day . still feeling comfortable and not irritated.

i guess the next color to put on will be trying Pink or Aqua, Stay Tune for my next “talking eyes!” color… 🙂

Alrighty, have a Sparkling Christmas with beautiful eyes and all the singles out there, mesmerising and look gorgeous with Freshkon! And all the couples out there… Wear it as a couple and try it together! Check out in stores for all promotions!!!

Dare to Be Different! Let your eyes do the Talking with Freshkon NEW! FreshKon Dezigner Series ! 🙂

FreshKon® Dezigner lenses are available at major optical stores at a recommended retail price of $27 per box/pair. FreshKon® is currently having a year-end promotion on their FreshKon® Dezigner: Solitaire series, where cosmetic contact lens wearers can purchase the second box at 50% off. For more information about the new lenses, please visit http://www.freshkon.com

Special Thank you Freshkon, Renee, Agnes and also the team of Red dawn , esp. Evelyn for arranging everything possible. 

Join Freshkon on their Facebook for updates and news 🙂 {CLICK HERE }
FreshKon – Vision of Beautiful Eyes for Everyone! | Facebook. 

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