14 December 2011, Singapore Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) is set to launch a Tiger Beer campaign to usher in the upcoming Lunar New Year themed around the essence of 聚 (ju) or “togetherness”. The campaign has been shaped to introduce a modern interpretation of Lunar New Year traditions of which includes the call to spend quality time with friends and family.

Introducing the concept of “beer”, “friends” and “fortune”, Tiger Beer will once again hold its Tiger Lunar Extravaganza after having organised a successful first edition of the event during its 2011 Lunar New Year campaign. This time around, the event will be held at the Singapore Flyer on 18 January 2012 where guests will be able to toast to the new lunar year with a traditional “Lou Hei” (or prosperity toss – the mixing of a salad comprising strips of raw fish and shredded vegetable) and Tiger Beer at the highest point of Singapore’s “wheel of fortune”. Guests will also be treated to an unforgettable evening of food, music performances and Tiger Beer at the event, aimed at energising the spirit of togetherness amongst them.


As a reward to Tiger Beer fans and Tiger Season Ticket Holders, the brand will be launching a contest on its Tiger Beer Facebook fan page where members can sign up to stand a chance at winning tickets to Tiger Lunar Extravaganza. A total of 20 tables, each worth S$5,000, has been allocated for Tiger Beer fans and Tiger Season Ticket Holders to join in the celebration and activities.


“In this modern day, it is especially important that the traditions behind celebrating the Lunar New Year are not lost amongst young Singaporeans. Tiger Beer has therefore sought to bring to life a fresh perspective of “togetherness” on numerous platforms during the upcoming festive season to engage Singaporeans as we usher in the Year of the Dragon”, said Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, APBS.


The Tiger Lunar Extravaganza will see Tiger Beer introduce rituals for Singaporeans to enhance their relationships with friends and family in the year of the “Water Dragon” at the Tiger Lunar Extravaganza. The rituals were conceptualised by Tiger Beer in collaboration with geomancer Grand Master Phang of New Trend Lifestyle and will provide a symbolic setting to wish for prosperity in the new lunar year.


One such ritual involves the casting of Mandarin oranges into a “Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda” made up of Tiger Beer cans stacked to signify 五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men) or “Five Fortunes at the Door”. The five fortunes comprise longevity, wealth, health, kindness and benevolence. The “Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda” can be replicated at home by Singaporeans with a 24-can pack of Tiger Beer to wish for the five types of fortune and good luck.


Another ritual that will be presented at the Tiger Lunar Extravaganza is the specially-created “Tiger Beer Dragon Wall” which will involve guests slotting cans of Tiger Beer into a constructed wall to form the shape of a Water Dragon. It symbolises “the attraction of wealth from all directions by the Dragon on the Great Wall”.

Tiger Beer will also launch two gold dragon ornaments designed by local jeweller RISIS and in collaboration with Grand Master Phang. Named the “Tiger Auspicious Dragon” and the “Tiger Prosperity Dragon”, the ornaments symbolise the accumulation of positive energy bestowed by the Dragon which continues to dwell within the poetry, art and lore of ancient Chinese society and is traditionally considered as an eternal symbol of good fortune.

Looking forward for a Prosperous Dragon , smooth sailing year for APB and all my readers out there! 🙂

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