Simply Smart Clear + Brilliant Review Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Earlier on i have blog about my 1st experience of the Clear and Brilliant Laser treatment. It’s been 2 weeks after my treatment of Clear + Brilliant Treatment. My skin has greatly benefit alot for juz one session, i am going back this week for the session 2 .

As everyone who know me will say that my skin is always nice or good skin, however, I noticed my skin cant absorb moisturiser and serum that well and had been dry and  i decided to attempt to clear and brilliant. Now i can be proud to even said i didn’t put makeup when i leave the house and juz putting on sunblock. My skin is clear and bright.

Take a closer look.


I would like to share a video from youtube in details of the process of this treatment provided.

For more information and enquires, call SL CLINIC Tel. 6235 3246 for more information.
For more information check out :
Look forward to a clear flawless skin? Clear and Brilliant at SL CLINIC is your choice!

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