S-Skin Supplement Review- A Revolutionary age-defying oral formula

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Always love to have the Vivian Hsu beautiful skin ?  Porcelain clear and smooth, nice and fair and glowing with radiance?

S-Skin A Revolutionary age-defying oral formula promoting radiant and youthful skin is now available. Supplement aims at correcting fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting skin elasticity and hydration.

Formulated based on a cocktail of science-backed ingredients, S-Skin is a nourishing oral supplement that strengthens and rejuvenates skin, leaving your skin firm and silky smooth.

Featuring the use of silk peptides, S-Skin is formulated to improve the elasticity of skin. The excellent moisture binding properties of silk peptides enable strong penetration of water molecules into the inner layers of the skin, thereby improving resiliency and  moisture retention.

The silk proteins found in silk peptides further enhance the superior conditioning elements of S-Skin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties of silk proteins assist in fighting ageing skin. They neutralize damaging free radicals caused by ultraviolet light and environmental stressors that oxidize collagen, promoting younger, fairer and healthier looking  skin.

I am thrilled to be introduced S-Skin as our latest innovation that targets wrinkles and other signs of sun damage in our beauty and wellness line. The product is customized with high concentration of silk peptides and a range of proven ingredients to quench and transform parched countenance.

With this beauty-in-a-pill supplement, intensive skincare has been made easy for both women and men who yearn for radiant and youthful looking skin,” said Harry Lee, Director of Health Domain Pte Ltd.

As a key supplement that enhances overall beauty, S-Skin  is also blended with ingredients including resveratrol,  collagen, grape seed and aloe vera to optimize the  resultant effects of S-Skin.

Resveratrol and collagen aims at regenerating active cells and strengthening skin foundation. Grape seed acts as an added antioxidant in transporting waste substances out of the skin, maintaining flexibility and effectively whitening it.

The recommended dosage for best results is to consume S-Skin as a dietary supplement, with two to four capsules with meals a day.

S-Skin is available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity. 

Each bottle of S-Skin (90 capsules) is priced at S$89.90.

From Now till the end of November , S-Skin will be available at a promotional price of S$59.90 ( worth to try ! while stock last)

My review on S-Skin Supplement : 
I like S-Skin Supplement because it makes my skin looks nice and smooth with radiance on top of my daily skincare regime. It helps like a tonic for the face! In my hectic life of work, yoga practise, blogging, events and talks to attend, sometimes i really have little and less time to rest and sleep.

S-Skin Supplement is easy to consume, does not have side effect like weight gain or even purge out pimples then become better there after . It has lots of benefit to my skin. I realise consuming less than a bottle , i am able to see the results and hearing from my friends that my skin texture getting better and asking my secret of beauty . As well as i love my skin looking young and healthy with little or no makeup.

I feel confident and happier in my spirit when i look good and would love to share my secret of beauty to you here. i felt that S-Skin Supplement is very generous to office a trial price at $59.90 now till end of november. Hurry now and Grab yours today!!!

i am getting more to stock up and comparing this with all the procedures or facial, i feel it is always good to have a oral formula as it will also improve the body and skin texture.

Hurry now and Grab yours today!!! 🙂  Don’t miss this GREAT opportunity!

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