ACNE PRONE SKIN? FIGHT all 4 Factors At The Source with Eucerin!

<Sharing this NEW Eucerin’s DermoPURIFYER Products to my readers>

Eucerin’s DermoPURIFYER Fights all 4 factors of Acne!

Our skin is more than just a protective outer shell. It is a mirror that makes visible what is hidden inside – showing us how we are coping and how we feel. Healthy, clear skin radiates energy and self-assurance. If we feel uncomfortable in our skin, our self-confidence disappears.

This is exactly what many people affected by acne feel like. An innovative skin care line against acne is now available, suitable for either medicinal skin care alone, or accompanying a medical therapy. Eucerin Skin Research worked closely together with dermatologists when developing the new skin care line and accounted for dermatological demands in this modern skin care line.

There are four factors responsible for the visible symptoms of acne: 1. Cornification at the opening of the sebaceous-gland follicle (called hyperkeratosis) 
2. Excess sebum production (seborrhoea), 
3. Proliferation of acne bacteria (Proionibacterium acnes);
4. Resulting in inflammation. 
Depending on the expression of individual symptoms, there are various degrees of severity: from blemished skin all the way to full-blown acne.

Not every person suffering from acne has the same skin needs. And that’s why there is not only one product to solve the problem for everyone.

“The varying symptoms of acne respond differently to various active ingredients”, explains Stefanie Conzelmann at Eucerin Skin Research. With the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER skin care line, now for the first time, all four factors of acne are taken into account that are involved in the formation of acne symptoms: the seven-product line contains a combination of the active ingredients latic acid, L-carnitine, decandiol and licochalcone A.

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* p.s : i am not using this product as it is not my skin type , however passing on to my niece who has acne-prone skin*

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