REDUX: Project Green Room

A new age of Heineken Green Room has begun. Where machine can no longer operate without Man. And music can no longer exist without a soul.

In the quest to restore order, they have successfully pioneered two of the most revered prototypes: Jamie Woon and Ikonika.But a new gene pool of test subjects holds the key. The key to unlock the future of music.
That Key, is you!

About Heineken Green Room

Heineken Green Room is an exclusive community of music aficionados that are at the forefront of the music scene—constantly striving to discover, and create the latest sounds and music experiences. Heineken Green Room events are highly innovative and inspiring, not just in the type of music that is showcased, but also in the choice of artists and their engagement. Known to showcase up-and-coming acts at unique venues, Heineken Green Room events have featured the likes of Thievery Corporation, Peter Kruder, Moderat, Gaslamp Killer, Caribou and Nosaj Thing. This upcoming Heineken Green Room event will be the 20th event of the series ,  which has run since 2002.

Introducing the two most revered prototypes: Jamie Woon and Ikonika.
Jamie Woon – UK
Raised in South London, Woon’s musical roots began in a home studio where he experimented with multi-tracking his voice. After gaining a place in the BRIT school and racking up hundreds of hours of gigs, Woon scored his first break with the release of “Wayfaring Stranger“, recently rated one of the best 12″s of the last decade. With the successful releases of the hit single, “Night Air”, and his debut album, “Mirrorwriting”, Woon has been offering fans a blend of soulful grooves and luminous vocals. He describes his music as personal and therapeutic, inviting listeners to decode its messages and meanings. And for one night, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that.
Ikonika – UK 
In the male-dominated world of Dubstep, few female DJs have made their mark quite like Ikonika. Growing up in West London under the roaring jets coming in and out of Heathrow Airport, Ikonika’s music consists of unique sounds that echo within her combination of melodic synth patterns and unorthodox music structures. Her debut 12″, “Please”, garnered her a strong foothold in the music scene, which later saw Ikonika progress further with successful projects on Hyperdub and Planet Mu. With the release of her debut album, “Contact, Love, Want, Have“, Ikonika is set to establish herself as one of the biggest names in Electronic/Dance music. Prepare yourself for a lesson in Dubstep. UK style.

For more information of this awesome HGR event, check out at

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