Press Conference on Total Swiss Fit Solution and Ms. Globalcity Pageant Beauties from Taiwan

Thanks Total Swiss Fit and Agnes for the invitation to the Press Conference on Total Swiss Fit Solution and Ms. Globalcity Pageant Beauties from Taiwan.

Regain Beauty, Health and Wealth with TOTAL SWISS FIT SOLUTION

This coming August 27th and 28th, Total Swiss (Singapore) Pte Ltd will be holding an exhibition at “Health & You” Exhibition 2011 at Booth A8.

They will showcase the acclaimed health products of its company, Total Swiss Fit Solution.  Total Swiss Solution is the #1 Swiss healthcare product most recommended by users worldwide that tastes great, and works great.  In addition, as the sponsor and provider of the official health product for the Taiwan Miss Globalcity Pageant 2011, the top 3 finalists and previous winners from the pageant will also be honoring the exhibition with their presence.

The Globalcity Pageant Beauties :

The Press Conference

The energetic youthful crowd.

Learn how to gain total control over your own health in the exhibition and improve bodily functions and concentration.  After all, with good health and optimal bodily functions, accomplishing that aspiration of becoming a top-tier earner no longer remains a dream.  To date, Total Swiss (Singapore) Pte Ltd has already attracted top academics, the mass media, talents and entrepreneurs from every field all over Asia.

Moreover, as Total Swiss (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a direct selling company, a gateway of business opportunities await at this highly anticipated exhibition as well!

Certified by the Swiss Vitamin Institute Lausanne and the International GMP Standard, Total Swiss Fit Solution provides a simple, yet highly effective range of nutritional supplements that guarantees consumers a safe and effective way to have their daily dose of essential nutrients and vitamins.  Each selection within Total Swiss Fit Solution tackles the different areas of overall bodily wellbeing, such as the digestive system, blood circulation, and body pH respectively.

Fit Solution  – All Day Pack  Total 975g (3 cans)  Retail Price: $273.92

Contrary to beliefs by Western nutritionists that conforming to the health pyramid diet is the ultimate method to stay healthy, Dr. Wang Wen Qin contends that that is only half of the full picture, especially when the bodily make up of an Asian is contrastingly different from that of Westerners.  Dr. Wang has researched and discovered the basic health code of the human body – its cell.  By directly nourishing cells with essential nutrients, it will begin their natural process of metabolism and detoxification; consumption of health pills may not necessarily guarantee 100% bodily cell absorption.

Furthermore, for successful absorption of nutrients, other nutrients are needed as well since nutrients work in an inter-balanced environment; vitamin A is protected by Vitamin E, Vitamin E prevents Vitamin C from oxidation, and etcetera.  Total Swiss Fit Solution directly addresses this delicate relationship with the constitution of more than one essential nutrient in each of its Cell Nutrition, Cell Energy, and Cell Mineral supplement, all of which has to be mixed at different intervals – morning and night – and consumed.

Cell Nutrition consists of 32 basic enzymes from fruits and vegetable-based sources, 12 types of soluble and insoluble soft and hard fiber, and active probiotics.  Cell Energy emphasizes on stimulating cell activity for increased oxygen content in blood and better circulation.  Cell Mineral acts on strengthening the body framework such as bones and muscles with key ingredients such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin D and much more.

More photos :

Agnes and Carol (Remember her? she is in the news media )

me and carol!

Me and Abigail!

3 thoughts on “Press Conference on Total Swiss Fit Solution and Ms. Globalcity Pageant Beauties from Taiwan

  1. Vivo en Argentina , Bahia Blanca , conozco el producto y quiero saber como puedo hacer para comprarlo y recivirlo en argentina. somos un grupo grande de vegetarianos, veganos y nos interesa consumir este producto. por favor si pueden orientarme . gracias.

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