Celebrate and Spread the word for CozyCot Love Fest 2011!

I am Glad to be part of Cozycot LoveFest 2011 and be the supporting friend. Saw my GINEVI logo there? Also, Cozycot Love Fest 2011  is a huge event and interesting to go , you can register and see you there!

Click here to register : {CLICK HERE}

Let me share a little bout Cozycot Love Fest 2011 :

The gift of deep affection may be bestowed to those who are close to us but LOVE is also a profound emotion that makes us human. CozyCot Love Fest 2011 not only celebrates love in its truest forms but extends that love to those who are less fortunate.

There are plenty of treats awaiting everyone at CozyCot’s Love Fest 2011. It is a congregation of romance, something borrowed- something blue, of nurturing and bonding. CozyCot hopes that through the pillars of Love, we can raise funds for charity. At the heart of it all, we truly believe that LOVE Can Make A Difference.

Cozycot has been part of my life for forums discussion and people and friends i know there. i am glad to know on a good clause in charity that cozycot has done.

For more information and details , check out : http://lovefest2011.cozycot.com

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