Invitation to Arteastiq’s ALL NEW SOCIAL PAINTING AND TEA Media Launch

Arteastiq – The Social Painting and Tea­ Sipping Place of Today

SINGAPORE, August 18, 2011 – The first of its kind in Singapore and Asia, Arteastiq, in collaboration with MARXX Residence Pte Ltd, is an exclusive tea lounge that provides customers with a one-of-a-kind tea experience within a hidden sanctuary with a view of lush greenery along the busy streets of Orchard Road.  Indeed, no less than a statement of art and finesse in design, ambience and menu, Arteastiq is further prepping itself up for more endeavors into the artistic scene.

In that very same haven, Arteastiq is unveiling a special social painting space with servings of tea that adds up to a unique therapeutic experience that exposes the artistic you.

Believing that due to the heavily business-centered urban city lifestyle that Singaporeans lead, a large amount of creative potential gets stowed away, Arteastiq conceived this concept to tap into the creative juices of the everyday person and to raise their awareness of art and its many positive effects.  After all, the creativity reaches its zenith when the mind is at its most relaxed.

For each session, customers will be given either a 50 x 50 cm canvas or a 60 x 80cm canvas accompanied with an apron, an unlimited flow of acrylic paint, sponges, brushes and a paint palette to let loose their pent up imaginations.  They will also be given a free beverage of their choice, or an ordering of alcohol to help stimulate the flow of creative juices.

In addition to being a great way to put one’s mind at ease from stresses of logic, painting sessions by Arteastiq also pose as a great social activity to bond between friends, family, or even between strangers.

Arteastiq literally takes the art of relaxation to a whole new level with a concept that will put a new twist to social gatherings and have customers talking from every corner of the country, to the globe.

Arteastiq, an ad-hoc freestyle group painting party place.  Start JAMMING now!

And Guess what… it is really a long time since i did my painting and drawing and i juz want to do something REALLY ORIGINAL and fun and i juz love the CUTENESS of a panda that i saw … heehee. … and… here goes…

The Artist… THAT’s ME !!!

The draft and the processing of drawing , sketching and painting…

Light colors… and then background… i am really concentrating..


Not easy … this is not COPIED … purely from my imagination of a CUTE panda… afraid of dark and hugging the pillow… portray a cute little image of a little young child who is afraid of the dark lonely night… the next one… i will do a happy panda and its story 🙂

If you need to copy from reference materials… they also have or copied and paint your photo of your beloved pet etc…

Check out other creatives :

The social painting and tea sipping place of today that provides the ultimate therapeutic experience.  Arteastiq – an original ad-hoc freestyle group painting and tea party place.

Each session includes one standard 50 x 50 cm cotton canvas and unlimited flow of acrylic paint. Paint palette and apron will be provided.

FREE single choice of Arteastiq Lite specialty beverages
FREE set of brushes
FREE takeaway wet paint canvas box.

1 session: $48 per pax
5 sessions: $180 (save $60)
20 pax and above in a group (kindly check for the best rate with our staffs)

Promotion: Buy 4 sessions within 3 months and get one session for FREEUPSIZE your 100% cotton canvas to 60 x 80cm for just $10!

Painting Sessions
11am to 2pm   ;   2:30pm to 5:30pm   ;   6pm to 9pm
Additional hours (subject to availability) at $5 per hour.  Prices as shown are inclusive of GST.

Arteastiq is located at 333A Orchard Road #04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897.

The Arteastiq Social Art Space opens daily from 1030am to 930pm.
The Arteastiq Tea Lounge opens daily from 11am to 10pm.

Website: http://www.arteastiq .com   Email:

For updates, promotions, and more fun and joy , Like Arteastiq and let your creative flow… it is definately a GREAT GIFT to your love ones… paint something for her or him

The artist that draws the PANDA :

Ta Ta signing off… Have Fun and Drop by Arteastiq 🙂


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