Shop, Save up to 90% off retail, Electronics, Branded goods and MORE with is owned and operated by Innovative Auction Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company.

A humble Team that wants to be transparent and committed on what they are doing. It is a GREAT Opportunity for me to be there and to see a whole lot of GADGETS and REAL Bid items in their office!!! Ranging from Chanel Wallet, xbox,  lots more electronics Goods and branded items. 🙂

They are fun people around and a nice cozy environment. The idea of Auction is interesting as we somehow have a yahoo auction or bought something from yahoo auction or ebay before. Bidding is something exciting and fun. But of course we want to have the LATEST Gadget at the BEST DEAL .


About and if you are skeptical about it, they are very commitment to the business and also they are credible, transparent and very open – the team welcome users of our site to drop by anytime and meet the team. I was there to see it for myself 🙂

Their office is located at 33 Mohamed Sultan Road, #02-04, Singapore 238977Operating Hours: 10am to 6pm (Mon-Fri) 

For any queries, Email:  T: +65 6635 1130

You can also check out and LIKE their facebook at

Gonna share some pictures that i have taken that day with the team : have been around for more than a year and are confident to be the largest pay-to-bid auction site in Singapore, with 34,000 users network. – The Team of are here for the long run – the founders are focused and committed to make this a sustainable business. They quit their full time comfortable paying jobs to commit into this bidding site. 🙂

My Experience for trying with 50tokens at :
My experience of bidding – fun, exciting, “gets your heart pumping”; even just watching auctions gets exciting! Really must be watchful and also to be really commit and motivate inorder to win the item you are REALLY INTO it. .. it is like how badly you want it… and afraid of losing it, YET WINNING is like YES!!! YES!!!! <jumping with JOY>. 🙂

For Beginners, they do have Beginner Auctions. It is unique and cater for new users. Beginner Auctions are limited to users who have never won an auction (including “Free” Token Pack Auctions); leveling the playing field for new users. Beginner auctions are marked with the L-plate.

Also, to keep things easy to digest , i am not going to go into too deep details… more information can be read at the help menu page {click here }

Let take a look at the picture :

Some FAQs , and for curious me, i actually ask them too.

Q : I have tried other auction site,  it is kinda impossible to win, is it because of some insider bid , could explain to me? 
A : We do not engage bots or insiders to bid. We are very strict that no employees and immediate family members of are allowed to participate (All employees have to sign a contract stating so)
– All our products are brand new, directly from our suppliers
– All products placed on our site are carefully selected to ensure quality and high standards

And there are people winning the auctions , real bidder , take a look at the print screen  :

– Also, users are encouraged to read our Tips and Strategies section

Alrighty, have fun 🙂 and try to bid and get the best deal at

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