The advent of online shopping with

With the advent of online shopping (which I’m sure many of you partake in), i have seen how the world of shopping and fashion has taken on dynamic changes and exciting shifts. Today, i am happy to let you into the first hand information about the newest technology launched exclusively by ,!

As a quick introduction, is a brand new series of fashion-focused webisodes which aims to highlight the who, what, where, when and how of fashion in Singapore. Now, ever catch yourself wishing you could own the gorgeous cocktail dress or beautiful statement necklace while watching a movie? is going to completely revolutionize online shopping and make that come true!

In episode 2 of, we see 3 local models take to styling themselves for different occasions. But that’s not all – it might perk your interest that you can click on any outfit (there are 12 dresses in total!) you see in the video, get more information about it and purchase it as you watch!

Isn’t this cool? Take a look at this :

Their sponsors include : Dressabelle, kisslocke, treslovechic, all these if you are an avid online shopper, i am sure they are not new to you!

Let me walk you through this interesting shopping experience and i find that so COOL! Loves it! 🙂

Start and click play to watch the episode…

watch the exciting episode …

And as you watch… YOU SHOP!!!!

And you add them into your cart or even share them in your facebook to let your friends see that you are a fashionista 🙂  even before you wear it.

Can’t wait to experience it for yourself ? Check out :

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