Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC Exclusive Preview Party

Ever said this? Hear this? SO MUCH TO DO, and SO Little Time?

The desire for more comes at the same time that we are laying the foundations for our careers and to want to outperform in every area of our life. Yet, in today world, a pleasant FRESH look, neat tidy bright plays a part in our career too. To have BRAINS, LOOKS and ALERT Fresh Smile … The last time we wish to do is to LOOK TIRED!

How many of you today actually get to sleep 8 hours a day? Being Fatigue, stress out in your work, having constant mental fatigue? Being Demanding alot on yourself?

Thus, sometimes, even to work late at night… lets take a look at the picture below, ever work till u really drop on your laptop ? YES! this happens to me ! YES , i am a workaholic and oxidation stress on my skin happen!


Picture credited :

Why does TIRED Skin matter?
Women’s lives have changed and most of us, our skin start to age at around 25 . Due to constant, everyday multi-tasking leads to the appearance of physical fatigue which shows first on the face.

Drawn features, dull, uneven complexion – the skin doesn’t seem to recover as quickly as before.

THE FACT : One night’s sleep is not enough to recover .

hmm… Ever  look for a skincare product at the beauty counter cater for you tired skin ? Probably, they will either recommand u a hydration range or an anti-ageing range.

Need a skincare product that caters the need that the face show visible signs of fatigue :
– Loss of radiance
– Uneven complexion
– Visible pores
– Unrefined skin texture
– Roughness 

Tired skin … looking tired at work…

Fret Not, Today we have Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC to activate and fight against signs of skin fatigue.

– To boost skin cell vitality by stimulating mitochondrial activity
– To help the skin protect itself from daily aggressions
– To stimulate the skin’s capacity to recover and to eliminate waste.

The Science behind it…Biotherm Research :

Mitochondria, the skin’s energy generators, slow down. They are source of 90% of cellular energy production .

Biotherm has invented FRESH Skincare. Activated at the last minute, this technology makes it possible.

What is the BEST ACTIVE ingredient to fight fatigue?
A sulforaphane-rich broccoli extrace ;
an ultra-effective active ingredient for fighting skin fatigue. Broccoli is well know for its health benefits and is recommended in the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

A Unique combination in an anti-fatigue product :

Wondering how to use and activate the product? Let’s watch the video … 1 Click, 3 months of effectiveness!

The best of nature in service of skin biology, 99% of the ingredients in the serum are of natural origin. The fragrance is of 100% natureal origin.

No parabens.
No mineral oil.
No artificial colors.

Tested on sensitive skin.

A Wonderful Product : Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC , wondering how much ?
It is priced at a very reasonable price of $99 (and comparable to alot of serums… this is really worthy for our tired and stressed skin, buying good skin?

Ginevi says : REally v Worthy to check it out, or even to go down to the stores anytime starting today for a free skin consultation and get the sample trial to try it yourself!)

My Satisfaction Ratings of the Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC :
– Facial features : look less drawn and more relaxed
– Complexion : looks more even
– The skin looks more radiant and more luminous
– The skin looks rested.

Why i choose Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC and would love to recommand my readers here 🙂 ? 
– The products have a natural fruity scent that is very refreshing
– The bottle looks lovely
– The texture of the Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC is smooth and soft, non-oily
– Skin feels smooth using it
– Fast absorption into my skin and my skin looks fresh and dewy
– Long lasting Active and Fresh look through out the day
– Skin show gradual improvement using twice a day, in the morning and at night before sleep.

My skin improved and looks fresh, dewy, bouncy and more awake!

Before i go, let me share with you the massage technique for more effectiveness when using the product :

Available from September 2011 at all Biotherm counters in leading department stores and Sephora.

Also, don’t forget to add Biotherm Facebook page for promotion and updates {CLICK HERE}

Thanks for the STICKY candy Biotherm 🙂 It’s my favourite!

4 thoughts on “Biotherm SKIN ERGETIC Exclusive Preview Party

    • Hi Ariel,
      i have used it twice a day after a well-cleansed face. A clean face absorbed this serum better.

  1. Great entry, babe! WOW. You got a STICKY candy from Biotherm. *envious* I didn’t get any… 😦

    Anyway, all the best for the mini contest. We’re both in the lead! *shake hand*hi-five*

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