[ Media Invitation] Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Hair Care

I am Glad to attend SUNSILK Product Launch Invitation. I believe Sunsilk is nothing new to all of you as we can see them almost everywhere in singapore or even overseas drugstore. And for me, i am an avid user of sunsilk even before attention their SUNSILK Product Launch – Silky smooth and Manageable range. I have been using their hair fall solution and also the orange bottle for damaged hair and reconstruction .

Today, i am going to share with you their Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Hair Range. I have using for some time and like to share now with you how it benefit my hair. And why i choose it for my everyday hair care!

Before i share my reviews, let me share some photos of the Product Launch at my Favourite Icecream place! BEN and Jerry Icecream! Follow me on how i mix and match my Icecream waffle 🙂

Choosing the base… waffle? biscuit bowl? cone ?

I have chosen 2 Flavours! Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Chip Cookie 🙂

Taaaaa daaa… done! Qualify to work part time for Ben & Jerry ? hahaha

Now eating time , yum yum

Also, To grab free sample of latest product {CLICK HERE} A fuss Free Signup and Grab your sample try it and if you like, u can share with your friends, family and collegues too!

Me and lovely cutie pie , Elfaine :

Prices ranges for your references : 700ml shampoo : $10.90, conditioner : $ 6.70, treatment, $7.90 and leave on conditioner :  $4.75
They are priced reasonably well and sometimes watch out for promotion at watsons or guardian 🙂

Sunsilk’s revolutionary new range features the patented Nano Complex formula with particles 100 nanometres in size.

Our hair is about 100,000 nanometres thick while the particles of the new Sunsilk product is only 100 nanometres thick! For the nano particles are very fine and small to be able to reach into our hair better than micro particles!

Sharing my Reviews on SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Hair:

My hair Before:

My hair After using a full set of SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Hair Care :

Step 1. SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

About a 50 cent size or more, wash and massage the hair and scalp. Gently rinse off and following next SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Conditioner

Step 2. SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Conditioner

About the last 15 cm of the hair and not on the scalp, use SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Conditioner , massage it on the hair and let water run down smoothly.

Step 3. SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Treatment

Use this treatment once or twice a week depending on your hair condition. Smooth it between the hair and your fingers, leave it for 3-5 mins then rinse off .

Alternatively u can also use a warm towel and wrap up your hair after using this. it will soften your hair and after that rinse off. Regular hair care is as good as doing it in the salon. 🙂

Try it for yourself. I love the scent of Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Hair Care

Step 4. SUNSILK Smooth & Manageable Protecting Leave on

Massage through hair, enriched with keratin yoghurt nutri complex, this powerful yet light formula manages and protects by coating the hair strands to shield and protect the hair from humidity and environment, making it manageably smooth all day long.

For best result, use regularly in combination with the other hair care product from this range.

Meet Sunsilk’s Hair Experts 

Celebrated hair gurus at the top of their game, Sunsilk’s co-creators are hands- on with product development through testing, and providing insights and advice. They give the top UK hair care brand a stylish edge and an expert touch.

HER TAKEAWAY TIP “Dry your hair gently instead of ‘roughing it up’ and try not to wet your hair in-between washes – this will help your hair keep its shape and prevent damage.” of British Vogue and Elle, and is fast becoming a hit amongst celebrities.

Did you know ?

Style icons like Madonna, Shakira, Delta Goodrem and Marilyn Monroe have been the faces of Sunsilk embodying the stylish haircare line.

HAIR TIP OF THE DAY- from SunSilk Facebook Page: 
Thomas Taw talks about damage defence for ur mane:

1. Chemical treatments r no treat for ur hair!
– Try to limit ur use of perms n hairdye to once every 8 wks to avoid damaged hair – less is definitely more!

2. Dryness is at the root of most hair damage
– Condition to avoid brittle, broken hair

3. Rubber bands w metal joints r ur hair’s No. 1 enemy!
– Opt for friendlier alternatives like kirby grips, or try a ponytail held by a pretty ribbon!

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