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As Bright as it Gets… A Private Session with Sothys, The Lovely product from the


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Palais Renaissance, Heart Bistro. One of my favourite spot when i juz want a nice fruit juice and a sandwich away from the busy street of orchard.

A cozy yet private session with SOTHYS team on a high tea and a chance to better understand my skin and to also try Sothys’ latest innovation and products.

With Beauty bloggers : We love Sothys!



Time has evolved, so has Sothys and its technology used in Sothys skincare. With Sothys’ emphasis on Innovation, Quality and Efficacy, Sothys continues to innovate the industry with its latest Cosmeceutic Line – [W.]™+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme. Thanks to SOREDEC, Sothys Research & Development Laboratory in

Brive, innovative and exclusive active ingredients and methodology have been used in this programme to reveal a luminous complexion.

The passage of time is shown not only by wrinkles. Dull complexion and pigmented spots are equally visble signs of premature ageing. This high performance programme provides a dual solution to lighten the complexion and to treat specifically at the pigmented spots. An answer to reveal an uniform and radiant complexion!

Through Sothys’ discoveries and observations, dull complexion and pigmented spots may result due to the


Observation 1: The Appearance of Pigment Spot 

Control of Melanin production can be affected by a various factors leading to the appearance of pigment spots i.e.

exposure to UV, hormone imbalances, skin ageing, etc.

Observation 2: The Power of Light 

Skin color we perceive is in fact the resultant of the combined effects of absorption, scattering and reflection of light by internal skin structures, which are called chromophores. There are 3 types of chromophores, namely Haemoglobin, Collagen and Melanin. Just as the quanity of melanin changes with exposure to Sun, it progressively affect the other chromophores. Haemoglobin chromophore leads to the formation of pro-inflammatory messengers and causes localized redness, Melanin chromophore caused local hyperproduction of melanin that leads to pigment spots and Collagen chromophore causes a reduction synthesis of support macromolecules and result uneven skin tone, skin roughness, wrinkles and ageing. Therefore, the correct balance between these molecules contributes to the uniformity of skin color, radiance of the complexion.

Sothys’ Home Care Solution 

[W.]+ Brightening Double Action Serum – $219 (10ml x 2) 

Intensive light-textured cosmeceutic treatment acts on the targeted pigment spot and complexion for an uniformity and luminous complexion.

1 – Brightening Solution
Contains H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex and [W.]™+ Complex to reduce spot color and provide a new radiance to the skin.

Application Method: For overall radiance: Apply on the entire face during the day

For target spot: Apply locally on the spot during the day and night

2 – Peeling
Formulated with Sothys’ exclusive of AHC + BHA + AHA and water lily complex to soothe and exfoliate dead cells for an immediate brightening complexion.

Application Method: Apply to the entire face during the night. Avoid eye contour area.

Proven Efficacy*: Brightened complexion: + 12% after 3 weeks, +18% after 6 weeks

Reduction of spot color: -37% after 3 weeks, -60% after 6 weeks
95% satisfaction after 3 weeks of usage

*Tested in 20 people in Asia for 6 weeks 

[W.]+ Brightening Fluid, $167 (50ml)
A light, melting emulsion that brightens the complexion with H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex,

[W.]™+ Complex and anti-age illuminating agent.

Application Method: Apply daily after the use of [W.]+ Double Action Serum .

Proven Efficacy*:
Luminosity of complexion: +43% after 30 days
Depth of wrinkles: -15% after 30 days
100% satisfaction after 30 days
*Tested in 20 people in Asia for 30 days 

[W.]+ Brightening Preparative Lotion

A treatment lotion formulated with H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex, [W.]™+ Complex and Prickly

Pear extract,  moisturizes, smoothes, and impart radiance to the complexion while preparing the skin for other products in the programme.

Application Method: Apply daily after the use of suitable milk but before [W.]+ Double Action Serum.

Apply to the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour.

[W.]+ Brightening Mask, $135 (50ml)
An unctuous creamy mask that immediately awakens the skin brightness while providing softness and well-being.  

Application Method: 

Apply an even layer to the face  and leave for 10-15mins.
Wash off and follow with [W.]+ Preparative Lotion.

Proven Efficacy*: 
Brightened complexion: + 12% after 1 mask
Improved radiance / luminosity: +36% after 1st mask
*Tested in 20 people treated with 2 masks per week for 2 weeks. 

[W.]+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C, $505 (15 doses)

An intensive serum with pure Vitamin C lightens pigmented spots and provides new radiance to the skin. Use only in the night.

Application Method: 

• Push the cap down so the powder falls into the solvent.
•  Mix and place the applicator on the tip to facilitate application.
•  After application of [W.]™+ Brightening Double Action Serum 2 (Peeling solution), apply this locally on pigment spot followed by the rest of the face and neck.
•  Then apply [W.]™+ Brightening Fluid.

This single dose bottle is for 1x application (to avoid oxidation). Use only in the night.

Recommended Frequency: On alternate night. For treatment course, use for a month.

SOTHYS [W.]™+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme is available at all SOTHYS Contract Salons and the following SOTHYS Dealer Salons: 

Angel Face     1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-48    Tel: 6221 3723
beauty@Genesis    Raffles Hotel Arcade #02-33/34    Tel: 6334 2312
Beauty Recovery   Roxy Square I #02-21/22   Tel: 6348 1883
Body Inc    Ngee Ann City #05-19/20   Tel: 6333 5656
Heart Springs Spa   Tampines 1 #05-15/16    Tel: 6481 9850
Kiray Face & Body Care  43C Tanjong Pagar Road   Tel: 6235 3898
La Vogue     Delfi Orchard #04-23/24    Tel: 6333 1289
L’Espace Beauté   Paragon #05-49     Tel: 6238 8839
L’Espace Santé    Palais Renaissance #B1-04    Tel: 6235 2821
Poly Beauty    VivoCity #02-233     Tel: 6376 9881
Valentino Hair & Beauty Salon Tanglin Shopping Centre #03-46  Tel: 6737 2408
Vivace @ Bishan   513 Bishan Street 13 #01-500   Tel: 6250 6575
Vivace @ Kovan   Heartland Mall #03-00    Tel: 6286 9625
Zann Esthetique & Cosmetique West Coast Plaza #02-34   Tel: 6776 1891

About SOTHYS – The touch of luxury. The beauty of innovation. The vision of perfection.SOTHYS is a global leader in professional skincare innovation. Founded in Paris in 1946.

For more information, updates and promotion, join them in the facebook and check out their website : http://www.sothys.com.sg/ and https://www.facebook.com/SothysSingapore  

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