Marie Veronique Organics Reviews

Thank you Marie Veronique Organics for sending me this parcel all the way from USA to Singapore. I am pleased to share and reviews products that is good for the skin.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to get Marie Veronique products in singapore departmental store or watsons or guardian, let me share a bit more information for you.

As you know i am a beauty blogger who loves product that will improve the skin and to share with all my readers how to look young and have ageless skin, thus products can be all over the world.

Marie Veronique Organics have chosen to sell direct to our customers via our on-line store to offer the best products at the lowest possible prices.
We provide shipping to 250 destinations around the world, including Singapore. You can find more information about international shipping here:

If you are looking for something unique and not in singapore , Marie Veronique Organics is your choice

Nicely packed and parcel and products are all good, well cushioned and wrapped

Anti-Aging Travel Kit will still include an Exfoliating Cleanser, Anti-Aging Mist, Anti-Aging Oil, and  Moisturizing Face Screen.

Step 1 : Marie Veronique Organics Exfoliating Cleanser

I like this exfoliating cleanser as it is gentle to my skin. it does not feel harsh on my skin and the texture is light and nice.

Step 2 :   Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Mist

A toner mist? YES it is, definately comes in handy and no need cotton pad etc. juz spray and pat pat pat in. good for your skin absorbent! Pat Pat Pat…i love this toner mist!

Step 3 :   Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Oil

Though this is oil based, it is unlike other product that is oil based , it does not make the face oily as it is easily absorbed, instead your face look moisturised. I like it because it makes my skin looks supple and bouncy after using it and long lasting moisturising effect. Unique product.

Step 4 :   Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen

This is a light weight texture sun screen that is having a spf 30 . it brightens the skin after using it. Light coverage and non oily or sticky. A natural herbal scent that is refreshing using it. Nice and i like it.

And your Gift With Purchase code is: Ginevi

Purchase an Anti-Aging Kit receive our Anti-Aging Body Oil, Rose + Neroli free ($36 value).

You can share this code with your friends  🙂 this code is GREAT deal and bargain!

You get more and your skin will thank you for!

Want your skin to look young and ageless?  You decide!

Interested? Looking for more other products for your skin ?
Read about the press release of Marie Veronique Organics Products too:
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