Media Invitation : Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Professional Facial Treatment by PolyBeauty

Let me share this RESURFACING COSMECEUTIC TREATMENT that i had done recently at Poly Beauty, products by Sothys 

And before i start, i was started off with a foot warm theraptical soak on my feet to stimulate blood circulation. 🙂 something really thoughtful . APPRECIATE!

And this is my tired stressed skin before the treatment. dull and uneven skin tone.

Detoxifying the skin is an essential beauty focus. Our skin are fighting against daily internal & external aggressions like stress, tobacco, pollution and UV, they need to be renewed for a smooth and radiant result.

Scientifically inspired, Sothys introduces our 4th Cosmeceutic Line – Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Treatment, a treatment inspired by medical techniques to intensively renew the skin.

Formulated with the revolutionary H2CR™ cosmeceutic complex and Peeling concentrated in AHA-BHA, this treatment detoxifies and brightens even the most hopeless of skins.

Based on 2 well-known medical exfoliation methods, the skin is renewed and detoxified for a silky, smooth and glowing complexion: 

Method 1 – Chemical Exfoliation 

20% Pure Glycolic Acid (AHA) and bonded Salicylic Acid (BHA) eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth and refined.

Method 2 – Mechanical Exfoliation 

Micro-Crystals of corundum (Alumnia – family of Sapphires and Rubies) helps to cleanse the pores, eliminates

dead skin cell and stimulates miro-circulation. Skin is revitalized and glow with radiance.


Complexion is clear & bright- +34% after 1 treatment
Hydration / Softness – 100% satisfaction
Finer skin grain – 100% satisfaction
Skin is clear, smooth & renewed – 100% satisfaction

My Review on Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Professional Facial Treatment :

Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Professional Treatment which is under Sothys Cosmeceutic Intensive Treatment. The facial cost $190 per session, which the products justify its cost.
Double exfoliation, one focus on the exterior( which is the micro-crystals of corundum) used on step 1, the other focus on a inner area( AHA and BHA) which is step 2. And ending with off with double layer mask- oxygenating and hydrating mask to give your cells oxygen so that it has the ‘power’ to circulate, letting the lymphatic system to detoxify smoothly which result in glowing, moist skin.

It is definately a very good experience because i really like facial with alot of massage involved and makes me feel relax after a hard day of work . (*eg. common tired problems like Stiff neck is at ease. ) The beautician is very detailed and does not disturb you when u want to rest and enjoy the facial.

No hard selling of package or extra value needed. No Stress , no product hard selling. Thumbs up. I really like that they care my skin and really want to improve my skin condition for me. The eye brow trimming and extraction is very detailed and careful. i felt at ease and i am under safe hands.

If u havent try it, NOW it is your Chance!!!

Good News! There’s a 30% discount for all first-time lady customers for facial treatments and full body massages.

Followed by a mask

Taaaa daaa… it is done and see my face is moisturied, very clean and there is a radiant glow.

SOTHYS Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Treatment is available at all SOTHYS Contract Salons and the following 

SOTHYS Dealer Salons:
 Poly Beauty    VivoCity #02-233     Tel: 6376 9881 

About SOTHYS – SOTHYS is a global leader in professional skincare innovation. Founded in Paris in 1946 by a

medical biologist, Dr. Hotz, who dedicated himself to healing the severe conditions of burn victims in the aftermath

of World War II, SOTHYS has pursued its passion for total beauty and skincare solutions for over half a century.

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