Skyn ICELAND : Solution for Stressed Skin

We all have to work and multi-task alot and sometimes we worked all day, stayed out all night. Our eyes as exhausted as i feel. Looking at the computer alot and really our skin are STRESSED not only mentally but physically.

Four and a half hours wednesday. puffy eyes . Puffy doesnt even begin to describe it. .. FROWN , SQUINT , FROWN , SQUINT, …Where did these deep lines come from? Under-eye area needs a serious intervention!

Introducing Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels with Biospheric complex

Do you know that when you’ re run down and stressed out, the delicate skin under your eyes really takes a beating.

HYDRO COOL FIRMING EYE GELS work intensively to help firm, de-puff and reduce the signs of premature aging that accompany a high-adrenaline lifestyle. In just 10 minutes, this cooling transdermal gel patch infuses the eye area with concentrated doses of soothing ingredients. Elastin helps to firm and tone, hexapeptide helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gingko biloba helps reduce puffiness and an advance antioxidant (co-enzyme Q10) helps prevent future damage. The patch, a cutting-edge delivery system, is easy to apply and remove and is non-irritating.

How to use:  Remove backing and apply gel side to under eye area for up to 10minutes . After treatment, gently peel away patch and dispose. use once a week or whenever you need a quick fix! It showed instant RESULTS and i TRUELY sincerely recommand it to you!!

For more information, check out Sephora for the product. Really worthy to get something to pamper your eyes.

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