Diamond Collagen Face Mask

Nano-crystalline organic factor diamond magic powder within each infused mask promotes microcirculation of the face and quickly adds and locks skin moisture and nutrition to enhance and maintain a supple skin.

This product contains seven essential natural skin mineral trace elements – magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium and calcium.

It can quickly penetrate the skin to manage oil secretion.

Keeping your skin looking white and radiant, it also prevents the formation of melanin while inhibiting and lightening the active melanin.

It aids in the mild removal of aged heratins, eliminates free radicals and completely removes traces of sunburn, freckles, rosaceous, gestation spots, ageing spots and acne marks.

Want to have nice and smooth skin ? Sharing my secret of beauty here :

Try one today! Send your orders to gin@comic.com
one piece is $8, use once a week, quality mask.

*suitable for all skin type *  Instant results in one use, face feel smooth and lines and wrinkles are ease, skin looks brighter and with radiance.

Capping orders to 30 pieces max , closing date : 26 July 2011
waiting time 1 week. FREE LOCAL POSTAGE.

Send order format:

qty :
email :
mailing address :  

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