Invitation to Ford Supermodel of the World Singapore 2011 Finals

Great news! FreshKon® has just released its FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook featuring beauty styles and make-up tips by Grego, Christine Yong and Jace Ang. The FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook is a colour palette reference guide that helps create fashionable and day-to-day looks to complement FreshKon® Mosaic cosmetic lenses. In addition to the tips from 3 make-up artists, the Lookbook also features the beauty styles and make-up tips from the winner of FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook Competition that was launched in December 2010.

FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook is available at all major participating outlets. Free copies of FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook 2011 are available from 9 May until 31 July, as a GSS promotion package. The promotion package allows you to buy a 2nd box of FreshKon® Mosaic at 50% off, a 1-for-1 voucher and a free copy of FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook 2011. < SO DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY > 🙂 

FreshKon® Mosaic Lenses recommended retail price is S$38 for a pair of monthly disposable contact lenses.

Definitely a huge savings for those who want to buy FreshKon Mosaic lenses. 🙂

Alrighty, i am going off to get my lenses… Gonna TRY all the colors and give me eyes the special color look. 🙂 Stay Pretty and Sexy Always! 🙂

For the Different look that FreshKon Mosaic Lens can give :


For more information :

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